Hypnosis training

Hypnosis Training

Dr. Errol Gluck is certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists (http://ngh.net/) to teach and certify others as Clinical Hypnotists. Dr. Gluck also helps other practicing hypnotists build their practice by offering business and marketing advice, and sharpening their skills and methodology. You’re good at what you do, so it’s time to book more sessions. It’s time to hire a secretary. With over 85 active clients a week, extremely long office hours, and the most powerful clientele in New York City, Dr. Gluck knows what works.

Dr. Gluck also offers hypnosis training for doctors, dentists, nurses, psychologists, and social workers as supplementary methods of treatment. If you’re a dentist who has a patient who fears anesthesia, hypnotize them. If you’re a psychologist who’s dealing with a particularly resistant client, hypnotize them.

What will you learn?

Are you:
•  An exceptional communicator
•  A people person
•  Confident
•  Able to deal with many types of people
•  A student of the complexities of human nature
•  An accepting person
•  A college graduate (B.A.) preferred

Yes? Then you could be on your way to an emotionally satisfying and financially rewarding career as a certified hypnotist. Gluck Solutions can train and guide you through a comprehensive course of theory and experience:
•  Hypnosis profession overview
•  Fundamental principles of success
•  The role of the hypnotist
•  How to properly explain hypnosis to clients
•  How to establish rapport
•  Factors that influence suggestibility to hypnosis
•  Laws of suggestion(s)
•  Suggestibility tests
•  Pre-induction talk
•  Practical hints for hypnotic induction
•  De-hypnotization
•  Recognition of the depth of the hypnotic state
•  Authoritarian and permissive induction techniques
•  Rapid induction techniques
•  Posthypnotic suggestion
•  Deepening techniques
•  Hypnotherapy for smoking cessation; stress reduction; and weight loss
•  How to setup your practice and how to build clientele
•  Non-therapeutic applications (learning; stage fright; confidence; selling; relaxation, plus others)