Testimonials and Reviews for Dr. Errol Gluck and Gluck Solutions

This is Dr. Gluck’s client, John (granted us permission to use his name). John lost an incredible amount of weight with Dr. Gluck and has never felt better. See for yourself!

“I recently visited a friend in Florida whom was 48 hours away from death due to excessive alcohol consumption. He is an alcoholic. Due to the hypnosis training I received from you and others, I was able to do what his traditional therapist, family and friends could not. That was for him to agree that going into rehab immediately was the best thing for him to do. After working with him for 1.5 days (total of 6 hours) he asked me to take him to a rehab center in Naples Florida which I did yesterday. He called me last night from the center and asked if I could do something over the phone to calm him down because his anxiety level was very high. He said “use some of that hypno stuff on me” I was able to settle him down in just a few minutes over the phone.Your training helped me do this for him. I remembered you said that when the time came for me to utilize the techniques I learned, my subconscious mind would know exactly what to say and do. You were 100% correct. This experience has had quite an emotional affect on me and I plan to pursue this further to help myself and others. Thank you.” – JC, New York, NY

“I can’t thank you enough for changing my life for the better. I’ve become a more confident, happy, and energetic person with your help and guidance. Most important, I’ve become immensely closer with my family, and I attribute this to opening up, which is something I have always had trouble with. Your hynosis helped me overcome an disability that I suffered for 10+ years, and I am indebted to you. Your advice to me in all matters, from dating to business to family, is, has been and will be paramount to my happiness and success. Thank you SO MUCH for everything!!!”BH, New York, NY

“Dr. Errol Gluck has been instrumental in bringing about an intense internal transformation. That internal transformation has naturally manifested itself in an external transformation as well. Through a myriad of unique and personalized techniques he has really been able to eradicate issues and tap into a power within I had forgotten existed. What began as a weight loss journey transformed into a life coaching experience having positive effects on my career and personal life. Life has become much more fun! Everyone should go to Dr. Gluck!”JP, New York, NY

“The experience has been beyond my expectations. I thought to myself, “He gets it!” The results were immediate. I am not exaggerating. I will continue to visit him and seek his advice in many other facets of my life.”FC, New York, NY

“My outlook has seriously been changed. Not only do I not have any, and I mean any, desire to revert back to my old habits it has also affected my attitude on eating better. No desire for the street dogs, Hagen-daz ice cream bars (two at a time), entire bags of chips etc. I walked back to Penn Station and not once did that little voice in my head say goooooooo innnnnnnnn. I actually laughed inside with disbelief. For the first time in 8 years have I pulled into the local shopping center and did not visited the liquor store. In addition there is zero internal torment. It’s really over and it’s easy.  I do understand and I am a relatively intelligent person, yet this is still bizarre to me. My only regret is that I did not find you years ago. Hey, this letter may make me look corny so forgive me, but I had to write it. See you Friday and Thanks.”CN, New York, NY

“I’m actually swimming for the first time in my life, as well as riding in open elevators, and soon, I’ll have that opportunity to go head up against several skilled attorneys. Thanks to you!”DG, New York, NY

“I used the services of Dr. Gluck because I wanted to start lecturing on a discovery I made called ‘Life’s One Law.’ However, I knew nothing on where or how to start. Dr. Gluck gave me the tools, the encouragement, and the validation that my work was a powerful approach to helping people. I now use this method to help chronically ill patients with a high success rate.I highly recommend Dr Gluck if you want the results you are looking for and more.”PA, New York, NY

Dr Gluck was able to help me to improve my reading speed, comprehension and to harness my focus into a clear goal for myself that I am driven to with a powerful drive.  The best part is, he did this quickly, efficiently and in a very careful and caring manner.  Thank you Dr. Gluck.JF, New York, NY

“Dr. G is an amazing individual, who has helped me take my career to the next level.  He is brilliant, personable and a powerful ally.”NM, New York, NY

“You have helped me in so many ways. You’re the best. I think back to the time before I started coming to you, and I was so much unhappier than I am today. It’s amazing.”CM, New York, NY

“Dr. Gluck and I met in 1994.  We have been in each other’s lives since that time.  He is dynamic and you quickly learn that he is talented, gifted and can see many ways of helping anyone no matter what problem you are facing. To know Dr. Gluck is to be in awe of his capabilities. He was my mentor, is my friend and will always be an integral part of my life both personally and professionally. If you allow him to help you, your life will be all the better for it.”SP, New York, NY