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Professional Speaking

Motivate, inspire and energize your staff (with your ideas and mine). My decades of consulting experience and years of professional problem-solving are offered to boost morale, increase sales, reduce stress, and to release hardy healthy laughter (yours and mine). Regardless, I’m not low-key!

Choose from the options below or contact me with your topics, and a talk will be prepared to address those needs.

Corporate Settings:
• Communication Skills: Born or Acquired?
• Conflict Resolution: Finding the Higher Ground
• Dealing with Stress: How to Keep Serenity in Your Life
• Staying Focused
• Sticking Together: The Importance of Office Camaraderie
• Closing the Deal: Negotiation Skills Everybody Needs
• Building Extreme Confidence
• Sales Training

Non-Corporate Venues
• Lying: Who Is Fooling Whom?
• Marriage: How to Find and Keep Your Soul mate
• Divorce: When Enough Is Enough
• Relationships with Children: How Not to Make the Same Mistakes Your Parents Made
• Addictions: How to Regain Control in Your Life
• How to Pick the Right Career
• Guilt: Is It Necessary
• Religion vs. Spirituality
• How to Manage Your Money and Get Perfect Credit
• Fake It until You Make It: How Pretending You Have Confidence Will Eventually Get You the Real Thing
• Schmooze or Lose: How to Be Unforgettable in Job Interviews