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Sports Hypnosis

Dr. Errol Gluck uses Sports Hypnosis to work with professional athletes that play tennis, golf, basketball, football, baseball and soccer to athletes that participate in gymnastics, yoga and figure skating. Sports hypnosis is known to be effective in changing habits and behaviors to help enhance performance and focus. It helps to rid athletes of their unhealthy and unproductive emotional conditions, especially cases of self-doubt and performance anxiety.

Hypnosis is a technique used to help athletes visualize successful games and strategies that will, in return, help them carry out their envisions out on the field or arena. Dr. Gluck helps his clients create positive expectations. Expectations release dopamine and once expectations have been met seratonin is released. In other words, dopamine gets the athlete across the field and seratonin fires when points are scored.

The mind and body are inextricably linked to one another. Neuroscience and neuroplasticity proves that the mind tells the body how to perform and vice versa, the body influences how the mind works. Sports Hypnosis works with the unconscious mind and this is especially beneficial to athletes because sports is all about unconscious, instinctive reactions and performances.