Dr. Gluck hosts his very own self-help podcast (pre-recorded radio show) released every Friday, called GluckRadio. Available for play or download at any time on, there are hundreds of episodes, in which Dr. Gluck interviews guests about topics mostly ranging from sexuality and dating to psychology and self-help. Dr. Gluck combines his three and a half decades experience of life coaching with a humor and irreverence to make for one of the most exciting self-help podcasts on the internet today. Something between a therapy session and Howard Stern, this show is just the right mix of self-help and silly.

Some notable guests have included Las Vegas mayor Oscar Goodman, SNL star Victoria Jackson, a Hasidic Jewish woman who turned to self-titled slut, former patients of Dr Gluck’s who’ve written bestseller memoirs about recovery, seduction experts, strippers with insight, ex-Scientologists, and of course, what would any raunchy show be without a self-proclaimed pervert here or there?. Despite the racy subject matter, all shows are supplemented by worthwhile information from guests and the insight from Dr. Gluck that leads our audience on roads to self-improvement in every arena of life. So while we’ve had sociopaths on the show, those sociopaths don’t kill people – they happen to be academics who study sociopathy! GluckRadio isn’t vulgar like most radio these days; GluckRadio just makes self-help a bit less dry.

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