Hypnosis for Improving Your Love Life

Want to improve your love life?Manhattan has the highest percentage of single people in New York City – where the world of love, romance, dating, and sex can simply kill you.

Needless to say, competition is fiercest when part of being “competitive” is not caring to compete.

Obviously that’s a difficult act to put on. Couple that with the demand, in any relationship, for honesty. Honestly, though: Can you take the truth without breaking down?

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Hypnosis for Frigidity: Overcome Your Loss of Sexual Desire

lack of sexual desireIt seems that we see advertisements claiming a quick fix or cure for erectile dysfunction. From late night television to e-mail spam we’re a accosted with ways that men can enlarge and sustain an erection. But what about women? It seems that frigidity is an untouched subject, a private taboo topic that leaves women who suffer from this disorder wondering “is it me?”.

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The Truth About Erotic Hypnosis

erotic hypnosisNow that the title has got you reading, I want to talk about a facet of hypnosis that is often under-discussed.

There is a very slim portion of people who view hypnosis as a sexual fetish. Often under the faulty premise of hypnosis as mind-control (which I emphatically say here that it is not), hypnosis is used by fetishists as a mental parallel to physical BDSM. In much the same way bondage is physical control, recreational hypnosis can be used as a form of play mind control.

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