Where Do I Fit Into the History of Hypnosis?

Hypnosis in NYC with Dr. Errol GluckIn order to fully understand what I do, it’s important to give a background of what hypnosis has been in history, and where it is now.

Most people understand hypnosis as a stage act in Vegas where a member from the audience forgets the number six. That’s not what it is. At all. But let’s go back…

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Can Hypnosis Save Your Marriage?

a couple in need of hypnosisSure, we all know that hypnosis can help people quit smoking, have more self confidence, overcome phobias, help you deal with depression, or lose weight…but what about recalling feelings integral to our relationships?

Can hypnosis actually help you rekindle the love and affection in your marriage? Can hypnosis save your marriage?

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Emotional Accountability in Life Coaching

No man is an island,
Entire of itself.
Each is a piece of the continent,
A part of the main…

– John Donne

life coaching sign postOne of the key components of life coaching is helping my clients find other people in their lives to propel them to reach their goals.

Supportive family members and friends can provide you with the accountability needed to make the right decisions and attain your goals. So in addition to the work that you and I would do, we would also find people in your life who can be called upon to understand where you need to go and to aid you in getting there. Most often this is a spouse, a partner, a parent, or a sibling. It could be a close friend, or even a peer or co-worker. Whoever it is, he/she should be someone you can trust with the details and desires you have.

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Hypnosis May Help Reduce Hot Flashes in Postmenopausal Women

Let’s face it. When you’re a woman, menopause is one of those unavoidable parts of life that are hard to get excited about… like death and taxes.  However, studies show that there may be some advancement with easing the severity of hot flashes by using hypnosis. The following article from HealthDay reporter Kathleen Doheny sheds some light on this epiphany…

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Hypnosis Treatment for Drug Addiction

smoking addiction cured with hypnosisMany people contact our office and ask how hypnosis can help someone who is suffering the ravages of drug addiction. Every client is different but we can safely say that hypnosis for drug addiction may be your best chance for successfully removing the grip that drugs have on your life.
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