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Weight Loss

Today, there exists hundreds of fad diets and accompanying books, TV shows, merchandise, and so forth. Shows like The Biggest Loser dominate the ratings, and make sport out of people’s very real problems.  Gluck Solutions can help.

If you are one of the 55% of Americans trying to lose weight on a regular basis, chances are you have already quit a couple of diets and started even more. The simple truth is many diets just don’t work, but of course they don’t want you to hear that.

Let’s look at some of the key reasons why diets tend to fail more times than they succeed.

Boredom: Most diets eliminate too many food types and leave you with little choice when it comes to dinner time. Inevitably this leads to boredom and your new diet soon gets pushed to the wayside instead of shrinking your waist-side.

One size fits all: Most diets ignore the fact that everyone is different. You are an individual with particular food preferences, blood type, and financial and time constraints. An all-encompassing “fad” diet takes none of these factors into account.

Stress: It turns out that your brain works actively against your efforts to lose weight. Most fad diets leave people more susceptible to the stresses of everyday life, ultimately making dieters yearn for that pint of ice cream or that juicy burger.

Weight Loss Through Hypnosis
Simply put, weight loss has as much to do with your mental state as your physical one.

The hypnotherapy weight loss program tackles your weight issues at their root. It is designed to change a person’s entire relationship with food through hypnosis and cognitive therapy techniques. You will be eased towards your goal weight and given the power to exercise personal responsibility in your life, not forced to do what some anonymous book or TV show tells you is best.

The hypnosis approach is based on the science of ultra-metabolism, which takes into consideration an individual’s lifestyle, blood type, age and food choice. You decide the areas you want to lose weight in and we will help you sculpt your body accordingly.

An individualized diet-plan is created for each person, combining low glycemic index foods and protein foods with healthy fats that will accelerate weight loss but won’t leave you bored to tears at meal times.

Along with the diet you will be provided with a customized workout program to sculpt your body in the way YOU desire. The workout can be done at home  and will usually take less than 15 minutes to complete each day. Soon your metabolic rate will rise as you begin to lose weight.

To accelerate the weight loss process, Gluck Solutions offers natural supplements that are manufactured and verified specifically BY Gluck Solutions.