Hypnosis is a Natural Remedy for Insomnia

Sleeping is one of the most important things we do. By the time you are 75 years old, you will have roughly slept 25 years! So how come sleeping disorders are not treated more seriously than the occasional Ambien? If you are tired of being tired, and you want a safe and permanent treatment, then hypnosis is the choice for you.

Insomnia has a wide range of causes. Usually, it is a symptom of anxiety, depression, or other psychological issues that affect your serotonin levels. Insomnia also results from poor diet, especially high carbohydrate intake at night, and usage of your bed for non-sleep related activity. Or you just might have a lot on your mind. While we’re able to block our negative thoughts during the day with work, socializing, or distraction, we inevitably come face to face with them when our head hits the pillow.

Hypnosis is all about changing our thoughts to suit a different kind of behavior. Using the science of neuroplasticity and rational cognitive therapy, hypnosis allows the person to resolve past, present, and future conflicts that lead to poor sleeping patterns. The negative thoughts that are keeping you up are reprogrammed from your mind.

Hypnosis doesn’t just help these inhibitive thoughts leave the brain, but it also puts particular suggestions that will allow you to go to bed at a certain time. You might not want to sleep 8 consecutive hours, but 6 hours at night with an hour nap in the afternoon. Dr. Gluck will help you build your internal clock that fits your schedule.

Now, you might be thinking, “Why should I see a hypnotist when I can just pop a sleeping pill?” In our overly medicated society prescription pills are becoming more and more of a crutch for all of our problems. I don’t denounce prescription pills as a whole, but I will say there’s a very specific dependence people have on sleeping pills that builds a tolerance that doctors are unwilling to match. What happens when you need 7 Ambiens to go to sleep?

Resolve your insomnia naturally and do it permanently. Shut down the mind when it’s time to go to sleep.

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