overcome shyness hypnosis


Are other people directing your life because of your shyness?

Contrary to popular belief, shyness is not a personality type – it is a learned trait. And it is 100% curable. Unlearning shyness, both consciously and unconsciously, will lead to a new, assertive you. Being “assertive” is, simply, to affirm or declare, or, according to the dictionary definition, “to state positively.”

Nearly everyone has some degree of interpersonal skill underdevelopment, and shyness is especially prevalent. But this is not your total personality. It is a fear of rejection, of not being good enough, of not having what is necessary to be accepted, of not having “what it takes.”

Shyness prevents you from living a full and happy life. Consequences of it may include not asking for that raise you deserve or not even going after the job you want. Forget settling for a romantic partner who picks you – you pick them! Clinical Hypnosis and Life Coaching are partnered to remove the shyness, and then to create a focused and mentored path.

Shyness, meet Hypnosis.