Smoking, Alcohol & Drugs

Gluck Solutions Hypnosis offers you a way to quit without cravings and withdrawals, or the use of patches, gum, or pills.

Instead, we use both a cognitive process that removes the addiction completely from your mind, and a detox program that aids your bodily withdrawal. Depending on the number of packs smoked daily, a minimum commitment of 1-3 hours is all that is required. With a 97% success rate in helping our patients quit, we are positive that you can join our success rate.

According to Dr. Gluck, there are four types of drinkers: contact alcoholics, linear alcoholics, problem drinkers, and social drinkers.

Contact alcoholic – A person who has both a genetic and emotional predisposition to alcohol overuse. The treatment is a combination of hypnosis and coaching leading to complete elimination.

Linear alcoholic – A person who can have 1-2 drinks without a problem, but then they reach a point of “no return” where they cannot stop. The treatment gives you the option to eliminate drinking completely, or to continue to drink 1-2 drinks a day. The treatment involves hypnosis and coaching.

Problem drinker – A person who developed bad life choices, and through life coaching can learn to use alcohol socially without negative side effects.

Social drinker – A person who uses alcohol in a healthy way.

Does your drug use no longer feel like a choice for you? If so, you’ve reached the point where you need help. Drugs no longer feel fulfilling, and the detriments on your body are becoming too real. Dr. Gluck will rehash the beginning of your drug use to help get to the root of the problem. Drug use is not entirely an act of hedonism; in fact, people generally use drugs as a crutch for their limited coping skills.

Types of drugs include:
•  stimulants (amphetamine and methamphetamine; caffeine; cocaine; nicotine)
•  sedatives and hypnotics (alcohol; barbiturates; methaqualone)
•  opiate and opiod analgesics (morphine; codeine)
•  hallucinogens [anti-anxiety agents] (LSD; psilocybin).

All the aforementioned drugs can become long-term addictions. While some people are more psychologically or genetically inclined to addictions, drugs are an equal-opportunity offender. Your drug problem is probably not limited to just drugs: look at what it’s doing to your relationships, professional life, sex life, and other spirituality.

The Gluck Solutions Program for Drug Use is a holistic approach using Clinical Hypnosis, Rational Cognitive Therapy, and Life Coaching to change what you do. Scientifically verified, all-natural, and comprehensive, there is no parallel treatment to Dr. Gluck’s.

Purity is just around the corner.