overcome the fear of public speaking

Improve Performance

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The athlete’s goal is perfection. With your physical ability, you can be perfect, but supreme performance is diminished by negative thoughts, fears, physical limitations, and overall resistance. A focused, narrow range of concentration is necessary to reach the perfect goal.

Hypnosis provides the ability to focus the mind and maintain that concentration. It changes the way the brains functions, making an athlete determined, faster, and more powerful. And this applies to athletes in any sport!

Dr. Errol Gluck sees more professional athletes than any other hypnotist in the country.

Public Speaking
Fear of public speaking is one of our oldest terrors apparent in our very early years when we flinch away from raising our hands in school.

But fear of public speaking doesn’t just affect children—far from it. Dr. Gluck regularly treats everyone from CEOs to your “average Joe” for fears of public speaking and other performance anxieties.

Simply relaying information to an audience is inhibited or out-of-control due to the emotions sabotaging the content. Fear of being judged prevails and overwhelms. Where does that power go? And why?

Hypnosis removes the fear and replaces it with confidence, control, and with skills necessary to be a successful speaker. The fear of failure and the anticipation of audience judgment are silenced, realigning the perception and leaving the speaker with a rare camaraderie with the audience.