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Chronic Sadness

Treating Depression: Medication vs. Hypnosis
Chronic sadness is everywhere nowadays. Despite all the pharmacists, psychologists, and psychiatrists seeking to target depression, the number of those affected continues to rise. What’s going wrong? The issue of medication is a tricky one: when it works, it’s a lifesaver; when it doesn’t, it’s a disaster. Ultimately, the decision to choose the medical route or the hypnotic route (or a combination of both) lies with you and your doctor, but there are some things you should take into consideration before you make a decision.

Often overprescribed, antidepressants should not be a light decision. There is a long list of common side effects to consider: nausea, insomnia, sexual dysfunction, and suicidal thoughts are a few of the notable ones. Taking this kind of medication is often a lifelong commitment, and the moment the treatment is interrupted the depression symptoms are liable to return immediately, sometimes accompanied by serious withdrawal symptoms.

We offer an all-natural approach to treat chronic sadness. Through hypnosis and by other means you will find your mood improving in the short run, and find a persistent, long term change in your overall state of mind. You will eradicate all the mental patterns that have contributed to your condition.

How Can Hypnosis Help?

What you can expect after hypnosis:
• Boosted Confidence
• Decreased pain perception
• Improved sleeping patterns
• Increased motivation for activities, social interactions, exercise, and more
• Improved sense of self-worth
• More optimism
• Enhanced coping skills when it comes to stressful events and situations

Together with the lifestyle changes we will guide you through, hypnosis can reprogram your brain to respond positively to life’s challenges. Your brain forms the habit of depression in the same way we form all our habits. Slipping into depression or anxiety becomes something that the brain gets used to in certain life situations.

Neuroplasticity is the practice of reprogramming the brain. In a scientifically measurable way, the brain learns new ways of reacting to certain challenges and situations. Different neurons fire to allow for a better brain, and, guess what, no pills were involved. This isn’t mysticism—this is Hypnosis.