Being Thankful When Life Hurts

enhanced-8150-1447434561-1Life is tough. Add forced holiday cheer and all of life’s complexities suddenly multiply. How can we be thankful when we’re hurting? Here’s some advice.

First, true happiness is the reflection of a mind thinking outside of the box. People who condition their mind to accept their failures and achievements as personal experiences and growth opportunities are happier than those who compare themselves to others. Don’t spend this holiday season trying to measure up.

Second, do more giving than receiving. Somewhere there’s a mother or father who will have to cancel their holiday plans to keep dinner on the table. If you volunteer or donate to a cause, you’ll do just as much good for yourself as for the people you’re helping. Not only will their spirits will be uplifted, but so will yours! Giving has been proven to affect the giver just as much as the receiver.

And finally, do something special with people who really love you. Without a doubt there are tensions between family members but the holidays stand as a reminder that we should  put our differences aside and come together to simply share a warm meal and quality time together. Missing out on this will not be a loss of a family dinner but rather a loss of an opportunity you will never get back. There should be celebrations for overcoming, advancing, and surviving another year.

I want to personally wish each and every one of my clients and my readers a very warm and happy Thanksgiving!