Errol Gluck Reviews and Background

For Dr. Errol Gluck reviews ( and background, he introduces himself to a packed room of 100 people during a Free Seminar in White Plains, NY.  Also see John, a former patient of who talks about his success with Dr. Gluck’s weight loss program.  Dr. Errol Gluck focuses on hypnosis in NYC, is a Clinical Hypnotist and Executive Life Coach, and is ready to help change your thinking, change your life.



Get A Life: The Fine Line Between Parenting and Manipulation

It’s well documented throughout popular culture that, yes, growing up is hard to do. But, it’s rare that we discuss the challenge that is parenting the impressionable, baffling beings that are our offspring.

It is important to remember that parenting is not only a responsibility but a privilege. Our kids are not a vessel through which we can fix our mistakes. They can’t fulfill the dreams and aspirations we once had, nor can they go through life with the sole intention of making us proud of them. They have a life of their own to unravel and it is your role as the parent to guide, not dictate. You must instill values in your kids but, it is crucial that they find their own ideas. The moment they reach adulthood is when they begin doing what makes them proud, not what pleases us. Similarly, we know we are succeeding as a parent when we begin making choices that satisfy the needs of our child first, rather than appeasing our own compulsions and necessities.

At times, it can be tempting to assume that your child cannot understand “real problems”. How could they? You have bills to pay, children to feed, perhaps you have an ailing parent to take care of or debt hanging over your head. You have real problems, right? Sure. But for your toddler, screaming because they are hungry or clinging to your leg on the first day of school is just as “real” to them as you pulling your hair out over a missed credit card payment. The loss of your teenager’s high school sweetheart can feel equally as devastating to them as that of a divorced couple after twenty-five years of marriage. Everything is relative and it is impossible to measure your pain against others.

The happiness and well-being of your children is tied to your own. You mustn’t withhold your love as a punishment because when your affection is dangled in front of them like a carrot before a mule you are demonstrating that manipulation is an acceptable form of behavior.  However, you can’t become so wrapped up in your child’s life that you develop a codependent relationship. It can be a struggle but there is a key to finding the balance: It is conscious choice. You choose to involved in their lives, choose to support them, and you choose to love them. This allows your relationship to flourish into an extension of the reality and ideologies that you live by.

Now, don’t get me wrong. You will argue with your children, they will defy you, and at times you will be exasperated. No one said parenting was easy or even enjoyable all of the time. But it is okay to be wrong, as long as you are trying and can admit to your mistakes. It’s okay to admit that perhaps your children are right and you’re wrong. They will respect you for having the strength to acknowledge your errors. Listen, really listen to your children and be truthful, not conveniently honest. Sometimes you will have to agree to disagree and that is okay.

Whenever I think of my two children, Leanne and Melissa, an incredible, ear-to-ear smile spreads across my face. There’s sadness at the same time. I smile at their brilliance, their beauty, their passion, even their plots and schemes; I’m sad because I know that in this world they will experience pain. I won’t always be there to protect them or help them heal. But I hope that my words and my love are so deeply ingrained in their hearts and minds that they recall both whenever they need them.

Be good to your children. It’s the best thing you can do for your family.

Study of the Day: Like Obesity, Weight Loss Can Be Contagious

Great Article on Weight Loss Control
Study of the Day: Like Obesity, Weight Loss Can Be Contagious

From The Atlantic Magazine; March 2nd, 2012;

By Hans Villarica

Mar 2 2012, 8:00 AM ET1

Teammates in a dieting challenge significantly improved each other’s outcomes, suggesting that shedding pounds can have a ripple effect.

PROBLEM: Obesity remains a common, deadly, and costly disease in the U.S. It affects one in three American adults and its associated health problems, including heart disease and diabetes, cost the nation hundreds of billions of dollars each year. Can team-based weight loss interventions help?

METHODOLOGY: Researchers from Brown University analyzed the results of the 2009 Shape Up Rhode Island campaign, a 12-week online weight loss competition where participants joined a team and competed in three divisions: weight loss, physical activity, and pedometer steps. The contest included 3,330 overweight or obese people or 987 teams.

RESULTS: Competition outcomes were most determined by the teams the participants were in. Those who lost clinically significant amounts of weight or at least five percent of their initial body weight tended to be on the same teams. Members who reported more teammate influence also increased their odds of achieving this level of weight loss by 20 percent.

CONCLUSION: Social influences can fuel weight loss.

IMPLICATION: Being surrounded by the right people when dieting matters. Lead author Tricia Leahey explains in a statement that they may provide accountability, help set expectations of weight loss, and provide encouragement and support.

SOURCE: The full study, “Teammates and Social Influence Affect Weight Loss Outcomes in a Team-Based Weight Loss Competition,” is published in the journal Obesity.


Errol Gluck Hypnosis in NYC

With over 150,000 hours of clinical hypnosis experience, Dr. Errol Gluck well surpasses the average NYC Hypnotist who has less than 2,000 hours of experience.

The work Dr. Gluck does is underrepresented in NYC. It takes thousands of hours to become proficient in the brand of Clinical Hypnosis Dr. Gluck does. There are only a handful of hypnotists who can do what Dr. Gluck does; there is only one who does exactly what he does. Dr. Errol Gluck is the only NYC hypnotist who combines Rational Cognitive Therapy with Clinical Hypnosis. Without Rational Cognitive Therapy, one doesn’t know what words that trigger emotional and visual responses in the brain. Dr. Gluck knows what imagery is going to make his clients relaxed to a point where change is most easily instituted. Some hypnotists are specialists – some specifically treat smoking, some specifically treat anxiety. Dr. Gluck, however, has treated every single issue in the last 33 years. Not only is he a NYC hypnotist who treats everything, but he is a NYC life coach as well. Furthermore, Dr. Gluck, unlike other NYC hypnotists, specializes in short term treatment. Because of his high number of clients, Dr. Gluck has no need to draw out a client’s treatment. In only a few sessions, Dr. Gluck treats the most complex issues like depression, anxiety, drug addiction, alcoholism, relationship issues, phobias, and help to quit smoking. How did Dr. Gluck get to where he was? Experience; the best way to learn. So many young hypnotists these days take a 100 hour course and think they are ready to be a hypnotist. They don’t have the three and a half decades of experience Dr. Gluck has. So much experience does Dr. Gluck have, that he is an ideal candidate for NYC hypnosis training. He trains doctors, chiropractors, and nurse practitioners to use hypnosis as a supplementary part of their practices.