Hypnosis for Weight Loss

body weight scaleYou’ve tried everything: Weight Watchers, exercise, diet, Atkins, and even a few eccentric methods that will go unnamed! One thing I bet you haven’t tried though is hypnosis.

Rather than talk about the details and effectiveness of hypnosis, which you can read on my weight loss page on the website available by clicking here, I want to talk about the main reason hypnosis is effective which is that it gets to the emotional root of the weight gain.

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Is Hypnosis Effective For Children

I get asked very often whether I treat children and whether hypnosis is effective in helping children. Well, coaching is about how to live your life more effectively, how to go from good, better and best. And as long as the child has the ability to reason, then the answer is yes.

Now there are a few things that we should remember. One is the child is of young age, the parent is always in the room. In fact the parent is able to be in the room as long as the child is under eighteen if it’s in the best interest of the client and the parent.

Two, that in the process of doing hypnosis it is simply a relaxation and a reinforcement of what is the proper way of thinking and believing. Children are highly influenced by those in authority, and very often the idea is that they have in their head that are torturing them are quickly replaced when a more powerful authority puts a positive idea when they’re open to suggestion.

Yes, children are already hypnotized by bad information coming from well meaning people. I do treat children. Thank you.

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Is Self Hypnosis Effective?

My name is Dr. Errol Gluck, Executive Life Coach, Master Problem Solver, and clinical hypnotist. People ask me all the time, “what is the efficiency or effectiveness of self hypnosis?” Well self hypnosis is different than going to a professional and actually being hypnotized.

The reason being is that one needs to believe in their own voice. And at the end of the day one of the reasons people are in fact getting into trouble is they don’t believe themselves. They don’t have trust and confidence in their own words. Their mind is always playing tricks on them.

So self hypnosis is more like self meditation. It’s more of an affirmation of what they should be thinking, should be believing as opposed to what they emotionally do think.

In the process of self hypnosis a person will put themselves in a state of relaxation by breathing, by relaxing and then they will go through a list of beliefs and thoughts that are rational and productive. One does not have to be in a passed out state or even a state of ecstasy. They simply need to differentiate between that which is rational and that which is emotional which causes their mind to lie to them.

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Can Hypnosis Cure Alcoholism?

I am Dr. Errol Gluck. I’m an executive life coach. I practice neuroplasticity which is clinical hypnosis and I’ve been doing it for over thirty seven years. One of the most common reasons why executives come to me as well as other people is for alcohol abuse.

Now there are four categories of alcohol abuse. One is the problem drinker. The problem drinker is simply someone who drinks too much and in the drinking too much they simply feel sluggish, tired, and very often will act inappropriately. There is no pattern to their drinking and they simply in their actions do not go beyond the scope of something they remember or can’t control.

Next, you have what is called the linear alcoholic. The linear alcoholic is a person that can have a drink or two, but once they pass a certain mark, it could be three or four, they go into full blown “I cannot stop and I will drink until I black out”.

This is where my specialty comes in. I am one of the few people in the entire country that can take a linear alcoholic and actually have them drink just one drink or two drinks a night and never go beyond a certain point.

Next, there is the acute alcoholic. The acute alcoholic is genetically alcoholic. Even if he or she has one drink, they will continue to drink until they either brown out or black out or something bad happens and it is progressive. In this case, hypnosis and coaching is used to eliminate drinking altogether.

I have and I make no excuses or bones about it – the best success rate in the country in all of these areas. If you have a problem with alcohol, I am the solution.

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Can A Person Get Stuck In Hypnosis?

There are some common questions that people ask me about hypnosis which I want you to understand right now. The first is, can a person actually get stuck in hypnosis? Which means, is it dangerous in any way or is it possible that they can’t come out of hypnosis?

The answer is that when a person is under hypnosis, they are simply in a state where their emotional brain and their rational brain have greater communication. And what happens is the level of susceptibility to new and more powerful information that will bring them to a higher degree of success that is the state that their brain is open to, regardless of what happens to the hypnotist. If he falls asleep, has a heart attack, drops dead, the person is perfectly safe and will wake up on their own within fifteen minutes.

All hypnosis can ever do is change the way you think and change your life. It’s not dangerous.

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