Hypnosis for Self-Hypnosis

Hypnotizing WatchMany people are curious about whether I could teach them self-hypnosis and if the skill is as effective as seeing me for treatment.

The answer is yes, it is possible to perform hypnosis on yourself. However, I don’t recommend that you teach yourself how, particularly if your problems — outside of your interest in learning self-hypnosis — need to be solved first.

The eagerness to take care of your needs independently is a great sign – receptiveness to hypnosis is essential to a successful treatment. I want you to keep in mind that the procedure is absolutely safe. You are fully relaxed, but never unconscious or unaware. For fifty minutes nothing else matters but the goal at hand. In high stress, such restorative periods don’t happen out of the blue for you. And when they do, you usually won’t get the outside guidance to use the time productively.
Are you considering a hypnosis session in my NYC office for your problems, and to potentially learn how to perform hypnosis yourself on yourself? Let me know. There’s plenty to learn on this website, too, if you’re interested: www.glucksolutions.org

Giving up on Finding Romance in NYC? Let Hypnosis Help

The NYC dating pool hasn’t changed. It remains as difficult and merciless as ever. Everyone’s ambitious, sophisticated, and interestingly complex. Yet why are so many choice single men and women perplexed over how to begin a romantic relationship, let alone sustain one? What’s the hold up? Why does it appear impossible for desirable men and women to attain romantic fulfillment?

You’d think with the advent of social media and dating websites, we’d all be happily hunting or finding the people we can mesh with. This isn’t the case. Apparently, regardless of how immaculate our images are online or in-person, we still have to deal with the most critical element of successful dating: Confidence.

Let me reiterate that self-perception is a subjective frame of mind, not necessarily based on or reflective of objective reality. If you want to jumpstart your dating life, I suggest shedding all preconceived notions of selfhood that are keeping you back — drop them immediately — and get fixed on your goals. Sounds easy, but it’s hard to practice. That’s when I come in. Think about this: When you go out on a date, what are you looking to get out of it once it’s over? Another date? A one-, two-, or possibly three-night stand? A potential long-term relationship that might lead to marriage? You have to be clear, if only to yourself, about what you want. If what you want is a combination of different things, that’s  a valid goal in itself.

To clarify, a social phobia is not equivalent to a ‘fear of rejection.’ Everyone has a ‘fear of rejection.’ Social phobias go a little further. They are manifest in the mental and physical withdrawal from groups of people, an inability to function or communicate with them; a kind of human interaction impeding emotional well-being, career development and self-actualization.

Clinical Hypnosis works for highly specific, relentless social phobias. Life Coaching involves dialogues between you and me that trains  you how to engage in social interaction that gets you where you need to be. If anxiety, social phobia, depression or any other mental ailment is bringing you down in your love life, give me a call. You only live once — why do it alone? Start sharing your life with people who are right for you.

Can Anyone Be Hypnotized?

Hypnosis is the oldest Western conception of psychotherapy. Patients overcome phobias, combat physical pain, and manage stress through a treatment that involves a state of both highly focused attention and deep relaxation. If you’ve been wondering whether you can be hypnotized, my answer is: If you’ve ever daydreamed or become completely absorbed in an activity, then yes, you can be hypnotized.

Specifically: Although it is unclear why some people are more wired for hypnosis than others, many theories posit that those who are hypnotizable especially enjoyed imaginative activities as children or are naturally divergent thinkers. That is, these people have an innate ability to drive their attention elsewhere during times of intense stress or pressure. Other explanations simply state that some people are genetically predisposed to produce certain neurotransmitters which allow their minds to fall into hypnotic trances without difficulty.

You see, almost everyone is capable of being successfully hypnotized. There’s nothing to fear. As with everything else in life, practice makes perfect so don’t be discouraged if you don’t see immediate results the first time. The more comfortable and patient you allow yourself to be with hypnosis, the easier it will be to experience the transformation you seek. Check out additional information about hypnosis on this website or give my office a call at (212) 599-3195.

Clinical Hypnosis for PTSD

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder develops out of some kind of extreme psychological event that usually involved the threat of injury or death. This can be war, rape, domestic abuse, or the sudden loss of a loved one are just a few examples. Symptoms are not hard to miss. They include flashback episodes, nightmares, associating events in your life with that prior event, emotional numbing, despondency, hyper-vigilance, anger; and physical manifestations of headaches, dizziness, and agitation.

Clinical Hypnosis is the prime choice for PTSD treatment. In a city as high-powered and abuzz as NYC, it is easy to ignore the wounds left by trauma. The moment you do recognize them is the moment you should take action and find a cure.

Fortunately, because the images of a traumatic episode are so vivid, gliding into a trance is not difficult. You and I will use painful memories, re-purposing them to create a better emotional and mental framework.

For example, if you witnessed a friend die of a disease in an army camp and the image of him suffering on his bed haunts you every day, we will use that image in all its detail to help you break free from the negative associations. We will help you rise above, we will help you say goodbye, and we will get your life as it is today back to where you want it.

I just want to mention that for those survivors who have PTSD, I have only respect for your strength. Of course, I don’t have total understanding because no one can truly understand what you’ve lived through – it’s insulting for anyone to pretend like they can. But I do have the skills to help give you your life back.

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