Hypnosis for Self-Hypnosis

Hypnotizing WatchMany people are curious about whether I could teach them self-hypnosis and if the skill is as effective as seeing me for treatment.

The answer is yes, it is possible to perform hypnosis on yourself. However, I don’t recommend that you teach yourself how, particularly if your problems — outside of your interest in learning self-hypnosis — need to be solved first.

The eagerness to take care of your needs independently is a great sign – receptiveness to hypnosis is essential to a successful treatment. I want you to keep in mind that the procedure is absolutely safe. You are fully relaxed, but never unconscious or unaware. For fifty minutes nothing else matters but the goal at hand. In high stress, such restorative periods don’t happen out of the blue for you. And when they do, you usually won’t get the outside guidance to use the time productively.
Are you considering a hypnosis session in my NYC office for your problems, and to potentially learn how to perform hypnosis yourself on yourself? Let me know. There’s plenty to learn on this website, too, if you’re interested: www.glucksolutions.org

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