Treating Women’s Issues via Hypnosis

Whether you’re a woman entering her thirties, or are further along the timeline, you are set to encounter a host of problems that men may never have to face. The pressure is more intense if you’re making a living in NYC. Being single isn’t sufficient reason for people to go easy on you, either, believe it or not. At times life gets so rough, women experience an early mid-life crises: They suddenly act girlishly or rebelliously, consider “running away from it all” or stop taking care of themselves and abiding by rules that keep them alive and well.

Anxieties in dating, particularly for the purpose of marriage and children, are extraordinarily high once a woman’s twenties are over. Practical life coaching dialogues, intensified by hypnosis, are useful in improving self-confidence during delicate romantic endeavors. Tempting as it might feel, do not, under any circumstances, push yourself to get together with any person you can get for the sake of a sadness that’s only natural and will pass. Being rejected is one of many disasters you’ll be setting yourself up for. Get excited for the chance that romance or passion might blossom on its own for you. If it doesn’t, at least you’ll have set time off to enjoy the day on your own – far better than with someone you aren’t comfortable with.

Later years in a woman’s life tend to be less pressured. Most of the issues are related to physical changes and responding to them. Symptoms of menopause, especially when other remedies prove ineffective (hormone replacement therapy, for instance, or prescription drugs), have been shown to disappear one hundred percent via hypnotherapy. Post-partum depression, along with the disorders that surround and aggravate the illness, can also be relieved through intensive exercises in meditation or “structured attention.” Gaining productive control of your rational faculties during emotionally fraught periods is an invaluable ability.

There’s much more on this topic that I’m sure both men and women are keen to learn. If you’re interested, let’s have a conversation. Don’t hesitate to call my office at (212) 599-3195.

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