Computerized Versions of Clinical Hypnosis Are Likely Ineffective

Hypnosis, especially the kind I offer, cannot be substituted or replaced by a robot. No matter how fast-paced you’ve been living in an already hectic world, it makes sense to entrust the development of your mind to a practitioner who can thrive in the modern age while believing in the old-fashioned notions of face-to-face contact, customized treatment, and powerful results. What’s more, I incorporate tried and true methods with a respect for the technology out there that is doing what it is supposed to do.

Remember to ask yourself if your problems are worth being discussed by ready-made, automated programs. Can they personally refer you to powerful people in various professional arenas? Can they make considerations for your individual traits during treatment, and adapt readily to the changes that occur during your progress?

Bottom line is, if you’re seeking a Clinical Hypnotist or a Life Coach, the basic advice applies: Don’t consider an electronically powered entity located in cyberspace, created by a human being you can’t even picture. Do get a human being with experience, versatility, and presence.

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Get Beautiful Via Clinical Hypnosis

If you’ve been to the office recently you’ll notice that the entire space has been renovated. Things look amazing. Leather seating, bright blues and whites, an elegant orchid, chocolate wood, chrome and glass surfaces. All the changes get me thinking about the topic of physical appearance.

Prospective clients come to me asking if hypnosis can make them look better. They want to be beautiful and attractive especially to the opposite sex. Through the combination of Clinical Hypnosis and Executive Life Coaching that I provide, you can become absolutely irresistible inside and out.

Treatment is highly individualized, meaning that I will be paying a lot of attention to your specific needs and abilities. Although you get a lot of credit for being open about and wanting to change your external flaws, remember that even beauty queens and top celebrities have obvious imperfections. In fact, some of them are downright – i.e. objectively – eyesores.
The key is confidence. It is a single, simple word that gets tossed around like it’s easy to do. But it isn’t easy for everyone. If you live in NYC, or in any city like it, you know how critical it is to embrace your uniqueness. Not giving a damn about what anyone thinks but that you are comfortable in your body and however the hell you want to present it – and wherever you want to take it – is the sexiest quality in the world! My goal is to coach you in improving what you can realistically, with the mental clarity and determination you will gain via hypnotherapy.

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Resolve Your Weight Loss Issues Through Clinical Hypnosis

body weight scaleIn my 37 years of practice as a Clinical Hypnotist, weight loss continues to be one of my specialties! I’m happy that more people are keen to get healthier rather than thinner. They are concerned less about ideal beauty than in the beauty of taking a nutritional direction specific to their individual lives.

Sound reasoning almost always goes hand in hand with a sound body. Although I am not a medical doctor, I am here to get you to the mental place where you will value and take all the necessary actions to better health. As I always say: If you change the way you think, you change your behavior and soon your life. After that, you’ll find others drawn to your new found energy.

During treatment, I take into account your blood type which, believe it or not, says a lot more than you think about your body. Click here for some information on that little-known fact…

We will discuss, intensively, how your personal background plays into the choices you’ve been making in regards to your weight. This is where weight loss hypnosis becomes elemental, rewiring the neural networks in your brain responsible for creating the habits that can make or break your physical stability.

Panicking About Ebola? Scared to Death by the Flu? Try Clinical Hypnosis

In light of the growing ebola threat, and with flu season hard upon us, I’m expecting to treat disorders involving fears found in dystopian science-fiction novels. I don’t blame you! Sure: it is safer to be cautious than thoroughly careless in times of obvious crises, regardless of the media’s exaggerations. Still, the amount of anxiety can be unnerving and damaging to daily life.

If you think that the recent health scare is causing you germophobia, extreme social anxiety, frequent panic attacks or similar maladies, you should look into my NYC hypnosis services.
My success rate is consistently above 95% spanning 37 years. Based on behavioral therapy and rational cognitive coaching, Clinical Hypnosis is a comprehensive all-natural method of controlling your reactions to life threatening reports outside of your actual responsibility.

Be assured that a generally bright attitude grounded in applied knowledge and a clear perspective, both of which you will gain through Clinical Hypnosis, can only be a boost to your body. You care for yourself better without going overboard, for instance, and heal more rapidly. I’m not saying that you won’t catch the flu or show signs of ill health ever again, but the odds of disease will change greatly to your favor.

Clinical Hypnosis for Anger Disorders

Everyone gets angry. At times, people crave the ability to feel rage, getting enraged at defaulting to what they consider is indifference. Very often anger will drive people to take necessary actions that advance their professional and personal lives. In fact, I’ve had clients come in wanting to learn how to get angry or angrier about challenges, if only to solve them. Otherwise, they just let those matters be. Yet ignoring problems don’t always make them go away. They might even get bigger.

People who have severe anger issues are likely inflicted with an emotional disorder. They are perpetually unable to control their outbursts, putting their lives and those around them at harm.

Want to know how to control your heated temperament before your emotion controls you? Prescription medication isn’t always the answer, though I’m willing to work in conjunction with a medical doctor if necessary.

Don’t let overwhelming anger turn into domestic violence, self-destruction, or professional disasters. Through my experienced combination of hypnosis and executive life-coaching, you can learn to take charge of your rage rationally.

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