Addicted to the Screen

Children and young teens stumble upon porn accidentally or through curiosity. states that by the time a child is 11 years old, they would have already been exposed to porn. Some children are embarrassed by what they see and never venture beyond that moment, creating a type of trauma, while others are intrigued by the sexual acts displayed before them and begin to explore the very animated, fantastical, and unrealistic world of pornography.Addiction

For individuals who watch porn, the characters and their actions are enticing but what children and adults don’t understand about pornography is that it’s not real. The milkman, pizza delivery guy, and the naughty maid aren’t real people. These characters are just that, characters. They don’t require courting, games of twenty-one questions, or dates; but in the real world, knowing intimate details about your spouses life is sexier than the skimpiest lingerie.

Porn AddictionThis is a chart taken from Reddit: link here.

Whether indulging for hours or for minutes, a long-standing relationship with pornography begins to desensitize the viewer. What starts as an occupation of your free time spans into engulfing other important hours of your life. Basic guy and girl porn no longer meets the individuals need for thrilling pleasure. Wanting raunchier and more explicit images sends porn addicts digging through dirtier and dirtier pornos until they’re able to once again get off. This is because, like any other addiction, the addicted individual needs to  increase their intake in order to continually satiate. By nature, addicts are always looking for a greater high. 

The addiction is not in that the individual watches porn, but that they can’t go without it. states that, “Porn addiction functions like other addictions, in that people seek out porn (like they would drugs) because they have developed a psychological craving, not because of enjoyment.” Their need to increase the vulgarity is supported by the amount of time spent watching, researching, and imitating porn. As a result, there are addicts who have an inability to connect with tangible people. Their hopes, preferences, and desires are entangled in the distorted ideals created by the porn industry.

Humans were designed for connection. Anything that causes you to live with a hunger that forces you into isolation, is something you need to give up. I want to help you regain control of your life again. Being weaned off of pornography won’t be easy, but it is necessary. We will establish healthy alternatives that are productive and reality based.   Reinforcing these healthy alternatives will give you the control to make better choices when temptation arises. Coaching will assist you in how to deal with moments of weakness, transitioning, and life post addiction.

Clinical Hypnosis for Anger Disorders

Everyone gets angry. At times, people crave the ability to feel rage, getting enraged at defaulting to what they consider is indifference. Very often anger will drive people to take necessary actions that advance their professional and personal lives. In fact, I’ve had clients come in wanting to learn how to get angry or angrier about challenges, if only to solve them. Otherwise, they just let those matters be. Yet ignoring problems don’t always make them go away. They might even get bigger.

People who have severe anger issues are likely inflicted with an emotional disorder. They are perpetually unable to control their outbursts, putting their lives and those around them at harm.

Want to know how to control your heated temperament before your emotion controls you? Prescription medication isn’t always the answer, though I’m willing to work in conjunction with a medical doctor if necessary.

Don’t let overwhelming anger turn into domestic violence, self-destruction, or professional disasters. Through my experienced combination of hypnosis and executive life-coaching, you can learn to take charge of your rage rationally.

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Hypnosis for Pet Owners

You may wonder: Can I perform Clinical Hypnosis on pets? It’s an adorable question! The answer is no, although I am empathetic to what you might be going through, especially since I am myself a pet owner. Of course there are animal trainers and veterinarians available to you.  Icould refer you to a couple if necessary, during treatment.

However, my professional ability extends solely to you, the human being! Perhaps your relationship is suffering, owing to overwhelming problems in other areas of life. Or perhaps you’ve grown so attached to your pet that you’ve closed yourself to the rest of the world. There could be deep psychological and emotional issues at hand.

The goal, as always, is to be realistic without losing the rewards of bonding with the animal you love. With the combination of Clinical Hypnosis and Life Coaching that I provide, you can reach the mental stability required to take better care of and responsibility for your pet.

Remember: The connection between human and animal is a rare joy that you won’t regret keeping. If you’re interested, don’t hesitate to give me a call at my office: (212) 519-3995.

Clinical Hypnosis Treats Post-Divorce Suffering

One excellent way to rebuild life after divorce is through a specialized combination of Executive Life Coaching and Clinical Hypnosis. I offer both and have counseled countless clients through severe post-divorce anxieties and depression. Many were at the peak of their careers when the split occurred, shooting them down.  Perhaps you know the feeling. Once, you were capable of tackling complexity. Now, the simplest act of getting up on time feels impossible. What’s next? you ask every new day. Probably nothing.

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Developing Love and Intimacy Through Clinical Hypnosis

A happy older coupleLooking for love in the wrong places? You’re not the only one who gets lost. Intimacy is a need that is difficult to fulfill, period.  In my experience, even the wealthiest and most accomplished people are unhappy if their lives lack deep affectionate bonds. What more for those who still have to reach their professional goals?
Whatever predicament you’re in, keep in mind that it ‘s never a waste to work on your emotional needs. This may entail repairing old connections or making new ones. Awkward attempts could lead you to neglect your social life completely, but doing so isn’t the solution.
Through a combination of Executive Life Coaching and Clinical Hypnosis, I can get you to use your rational judgement – without losing the passionate aspect – in making love and closeness happen for you. Matchmaking strategies involving personality analyses of yourself and potential partners are part of the process.
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