Clinical Hypnosis Treats Post-Divorce Suffering

One excellent way to rebuild life after divorce is through a specialized combination of Executive Life Coaching and Clinical Hypnosis. I offer both and have counseled countless clients through severe post-divorce anxieties and depression. Many were at the peak of their careers when the split occurred, shooting them down.  Perhaps you know the feeling. Once, you were capable of tackling complexity. Now, the simplest act of getting up on time feels impossible. What’s next? you ask every new day. Probably nothing.

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Hypnosis for Improving Your Love Life

Want to improve your love life?Manhattan has the highest percentage of single people in New York City – where the world of love, romance, dating, and sex can simply kill you.

Needless to say, competition is fiercest when part of being “competitive” is not caring to compete.

Obviously that’s a difficult act to put on. Couple that with the demand, in any relationship, for honesty. Honestly, though: Can you take the truth without breaking down?

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Want to Find Love? Start With Finding a Person

loveI’m a natural matchmaker; it’s the Jewish mother in me. While people have come to me to find love, I often start by telling them, “Not so fast.” Love is one of those words that carries so much weight in our culture (there’s a reason Mark Zuckerberg chose to make the button a LIKE button, and not a LOVE button), yet many people can’t give me their own definition of it. So they go into this search, spears forward, trying to mount the summit of Love, thereby blinding themselves to all the people in front of them.

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