Clinical Hypnosis and Aging

Aging happens to the best of us. Particularly in NYC, many clients come in with problems that tend to boil down to one thing: They’re getting older. I often wonder, wasn’t there a time when getting older seemed like the key to solving problems related to being young?

While hypnosis can cure many things, I’m afraid it can’t keep you from getting older. But it is possible to slow down the physical, emotional, and mental effects of aging.

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Being a Good Parent With the Help of Hypnosis

Recently on Gluck Radio we interviewed Kaitlin Bell Barnett, author of DOSED: THE MEDICATION GENERATION GROWS UP. Listen to the interview….

What hazards do popular, over-prescribed medication – “smart drugs” such as Adderall, for instance, or “happy pills” like Wellbutrin – pose on children? What natural mechanisms for survival and self-improvement – for growing up – stay underdeveloped when these skills are stunted by prescription drugs? Are the losses retrievable?

I want to put some pressure on parents. The pressure is on to be patient. Let your children bloom, early or late. Give them time, not tablets. (That might apply for Apple tablets, too.)

If you’re reading this, if you’re even remotely interested in my work, then I can bet you have the sophistication to refine the methods of parenting. Children are not pets, robots, incapable of deep understanding. If the toughest, smartest, strongest willed adults can harbor be shaped by unjust experiences, what more a child? All children are sensitive and impressionable. They will become adults, just like you and me.

Professionally, I’m here to help. I have experience in coaching both children and their families, separately or together. Hypnosis can serve as a supplement to psychiatric or physical therapy.  Do you want to be a good parent? Call me at (212) 599-3195 for a consultation.

Want to Find Love? Start With Finding a Person

loveI’m a natural matchmaker; it’s the Jewish mother in me. While people have come to me to find love, I often start by telling them, “Not so fast.” Love is one of those words that carries so much weight in our culture (there’s a reason Mark Zuckerberg chose to make the button a LIKE button, and not a LOVE button), yet many people can’t give me their own definition of it. So they go into this search, spears forward, trying to mount the summit of Love, thereby blinding themselves to all the people in front of them.

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Dr. Errol Gluck on WABC Radio and the GluckRadio Podcast Update

Dr. Errol Gluck If you asked me as a kid whether I’d ever have a career on the radio, I would’ve laughed and told you about my real dream, which was to solve the Israeli/Palestinian crisis.

While I haven’t been able to bring peace to the Middle East, I have been able to bring thousands of individuals happier and healthier lives. And something else happened: I have a career on the radio.  I’ve been on WABC’s “Living Better With Laura Smith” for over a year now, which airs every Sunday in the New York Tristate area to over one million listeners.

Then I developed such a love for broadcasting that I started my own podcast called GluckRadio. Who knew?

My relationship with WABC has been nothing but positive. Laura Smith is a true gem as a host. We all fall in love with the pleasurable qualities of her voice and her personal insight to the conversation at hand. It’s a great joy for me to join her once-a-month in the studio to talk about the benefits of hypnosis and to field calls from listeners.

I like to think that the on-air chemistry Laura and I have has been responsible for the fact that I’ve developed a loyal listenership. Several people are eager to call me up and get some free advice from me, several of my clients were first introduced to me through the airwaves, and I’ve even gotten cab drivers telling me that they recognize me from the radio.

On behalf of all hypnotists, I just think of how great it is for me to demystify what we practice on the air, and let everyone know that hypnosis can indeed help for weight-loss, smoking, drugs, sadness, anxiety, and relationship issues. I work best when no script is in my hands, so when I get calls from people with problems, I give them immediate and personalized solutions.

The Birth of the GluckRadio Podcast Channel

GluckRadioAs I was getting more and more fans from my show on WABC, I decided I needed to have a more personalized podcast featuring material that involves the human bent of social, political and cultural issues.

I wanted a show that used both my interest in current issues and my skills as a life coach and hypnotist. I wanted a show in which I could delve deeply into the issue my guests provided and explore all corners and perspectives of that issue. I think what makes GluckRadio interesting is that I’m not your typical interviewer: It’s almost never a dry question-and-answer format, nor is it your polite and prepared debate. It is usually a heated (or cool) conversation that you would have in your dining room after a holiday meal.

Dr. Errol GluckI don’t always agree with my guests, but one thing I do well is offer my very honest take that few others see. If you want to know what I mean, check out episode 6 with Doris Nowillo-Suda where I tell her how her forgiving her father’s murderer was not the best way to go. Check out episode 8 when I said that gentrification is just a reality of life and that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. Check out episode 10 where I tell a male feminist about some of the very real differences between the sexes. This week, for episode 15, we’re meeting with four Wiccans. Who knows where this one will go…

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