Treating Women’s Issues via Hypnosis

Whether you’re a woman entering her thirties, or are further along the timeline, you are set to encounter a host of problems that men may never have to face. The pressure is more intense if you’re making a living in NYC. Being single isn’t sufficient reason for people to go easy on you, either, believe it or not. At times life gets so rough, women experience an early mid-life crises: They suddenly act girlishly or rebelliously, consider “running away from it all” or stop taking care of themselves and abiding by rules that keep them alive and well.

Anxieties in dating, particularly for the purpose of marriage and children, are extraordinarily high once a woman’s twenties are over. Practical life coaching dialogues, intensified by hypnosis, are useful in improving self-confidence during delicate romantic endeavors. Tempting as it might feel, do not, under any circumstances, push yourself to get together with any person you can get for the sake of a sadness that’s only natural and will pass. Being rejected is one of many disasters you’ll be setting yourself up for. Get excited for the chance that romance or passion might blossom on its own for you. If it doesn’t, at least you’ll have set time off to enjoy the day on your own – far better than with someone you aren’t comfortable with.

Later years in a woman’s life tend to be less pressured. Most of the issues are related to physical changes and responding to them. Symptoms of menopause, especially when other remedies prove ineffective (hormone replacement therapy, for instance, or prescription drugs), have been shown to disappear one hundred percent via hypnotherapy. Post-partum depression, along with the disorders that surround and aggravate the illness, can also be relieved through intensive exercises in meditation or “structured attention.” Gaining productive control of your rational faculties during emotionally fraught periods is an invaluable ability.

There’s much more on this topic that I’m sure both men and women are keen to learn. If you’re interested, let’s have a conversation. Don’t hesitate to call my office at (212) 599-3195.

Overcoming Major Anxiety Issues through Hypnotherapy

If you’re one of the 8 million Americans suffering from anxiety, I bet you’re located in or around New York City. Although it may not necessarily manifest itself as a panic attack, anxiety is enough of a broad topic to be frustrating when it manifests itself individually! It can be fatal the moment you cast the experience aside. Don’t do that anymore. Don’t take your prescription medications obsessively, blindly, trying to combat the damn anxiety; knowing deep down that the pills probably aren’t working anymore, but you don’t know what else to do, they’re there, you’re scared, you’re told they’d work, so you take them.

I don’t blame you. Needless to say but necessary to reiterate: the pills don’t always get to the root of your problem. If anything, their cost causes greater anxiety. And you may say, well, it’s also costly to get at the root via an all natural method. But listen: if you do get to a state in which you can expend whatever is necessary to get to the root, then you should: The benefits are permanent and will save you the rest of your life.

Of course, you know where I’m going now: Hypnosis. And no, hypnosis is not talk therapy. Talk therapy can go on forever. Hypnosis is structured, with the goal of treating you fully and efficiently in a short amount of time. Neuroplasticity, the science behind hypnosis, physically changes the way your brain will associate certain information so, what once induced stress and anxiety will now leave you cooler than a cucumber. Your anxiety might be unique and entertaining, but that’s no reason to let the pain continue. Want to make it stop? Call my office at (212) 599-3195.

Need a One-Step Program to Cure Alcoholism? Try Hypnosis

Along with smoking cessation and eating disorders, treating alcoholism continues to be a specialty of mine. Since I started practice nearly 40 years ago, the rate of alcoholism in NYC – precisely, substance and alcohol abuse – hasn’t decreased by much. Last I read, over a million New Yorkers are drinking out of control; and a majority of this group are either in their twenties or underaged.

In a city with a thriving nightlife, heavy drinking might not come as a surprise to many people. However, integral to playing hard is the reward of exercising self-restraint in both work and play. I hate to sound old-timey, but there’s simply no fun in the aftermath of binging on alcohol. From my experiences and those of others, the pleasure is always in having fun to a maximum that is safe for you, if also because it saves the people around you from trouble too.

Everyone believes that the twelve-step AA Program has been highly effective for hundreds of thousands of people. It’s a popular solution. But don’t lose hope if you haven’t benefitted from the Program one bit. Remember your other options and that Clinical Hypnosis is one of the best.

Personally, my issue with the AA isn’t complicated. The program can take forever to complete and has a church-like tinge that can easily isolate its members from the very world they want to recover in. Why go through a potentially life-long process of recovering?

I like to say: “You come to me, and I’ll fix you.” The good part is that it only takes one step. You come into my office, we go over your history as an alcoholic, and after that we start the hypnosis. Treatment generally calls for three to five sessions.

Further, you leave equipped with the ability to exercise moderation – unless you specifically desire to abstain from alcohol completely, or unless your medical condition requires abstinence.  Being an alcoholic does not mean you aren’t also a professional in some area. You have a family life of some kind that you want to enjoy. You have passions, hobbies, plans. Ask yourself: Do you really want to resign a large part of your life to routine meetings with a group of fellow ex-alcoholics, or do you want to shape up ASAP and live a future without alcoholism?

Call my office at (212) 599-3195 when you have an answer.

Clinical Hypnosis for Gaining an Advantage in NYC

When I started practicing in the early 80s, I blended hypnosis with life coaching. It was an unprecedented hybridization. But I believed that in an ever-changing world that was becoming increasingly complex and interrelated, we need to be flexible in fusing different methodologies. This is still a huge demand in NYC. Whether you’ve lived here for ages, all your life; or are settling in, you’re likely to know what I’m talking about!

Traditionally, hypnosis helps for very specific issues. In the modern age, the interrelated issues are impossible to ignore. With me, it is possible to consider the entire picture. For instance, hypnosis can help with cigarette smoking, but can’t tell you what you should do on a smoke-break with your boss. If he offers you a cigarette and tries to be chummy, what do you do? How do you bond? These are life-coaching questions. I will not dismiss them during your treatment – which, again, is highly individualized.

The point I want to get across is that if you are looking to get an advantage in the NYC jungle – or are having an overwhelming amount of trouble adjusting to the pressures of city life – in any way, I urge you to consider Clinical Hypnosis. Together we can figure out the exact causes of your anxiety, eradicate them through one of the most naturally effective methods out there. Learn more on my website! And don’t hesitate to get in touch with me about scheduling your first session.

Clinical Hypnosis for Drug Addiction


Whether you’re afraid of judgment, are avoiding pain or anger, or are lost in self-exploration that’s grown a little too “trippy,” drug-abuse is self-abuse.  Hard to believe, but despite all the information out there reminding everyone to “just say no,” the abuse rate of both prescription and non-prescription drugs isn’t decreasing. The reasons are often related to intensely personal difficulties that can only be dealt with through private, in-depth, one-on-one counseling.

In the 40 years I have been practicing hypnosis in NYC, I have been more effective than conventional rehabilitative facilities in curing addictions to heroin, cocaine, cigarettes, alcohol, and marijuana. Treatment is not what most people expect! There are no swirling discs involved, or any attempts to get you “very sleepy.” Drug-free and non-addictive, Clinical Hypnosis is rooted in rational cognitive behavioral therapy and in the concept of neuroplasticity, conducted through the art of executive life-coaching.

On average, therapy for drug addiction should take at least 3-5 sessions. The duration depends on how severe the addiction is, along with how intent you are in recovering. Unlike other programs, your individual experiences and patterns of character are taken into utmost account. If the motivation to “get clean” is as difficult as recovery itself, then that’s where you and I will have to start (I am willing to work in conjunction with a physician, if necessary). Regardless of where you are in recovery, that you want to come out for good is good enough to act on your interest in what hypnosis can do for you. Give me a call at (212) 599-3195 to set an appointment.