Overcoming Major Anxiety Issues through Hypnotherapy

If you’re one of the 8 million Americans suffering from anxiety, I bet you’re located in or around New York City. Although it may not necessarily manifest itself as a panic attack, anxiety is enough of a broad topic to be frustrating when it manifests itself individually! It can be fatal the moment you cast the experience aside. Don’t do that anymore. Don’t take your prescription medications obsessively, blindly, trying to combat the damn anxiety; knowing deep down that the pills probably aren’t working anymore, but you don’t know what else to do, they’re there, you’re scared, you’re told they’d work, so you take them.

I don’t blame you. Needless to say but necessary to reiterate: the pills don’t always get to the root of your problem. If anything, their cost causes greater anxiety. And you may say, well, it’s also costly to get at the root via an all natural method. But listen: if you do get to a state in which you can expend whatever is necessary to get to the root, then you should: The benefits are permanent and will save you the rest of your life.

Of course, you know where I’m going now: Hypnosis. And no, hypnosis is not talk therapy. Talk therapy can go on forever. Hypnosis is structured, with the goal of treating you fully and efficiently in a short amount of time. Neuroplasticity, the science behind hypnosis, physically changes the way your brain will associate certain information so, what once induced stress and anxiety will now leave you cooler than a cucumber. Your anxiety might be unique and entertaining, but that’s no reason to let the pain continue. Want to make it stop? Call my office at (212) 599-3195.

Hypnosis For Balancing Work And Play

Although the US remains one of the hardest working countries in the world, most of us still value the time to take our work clothes off and go to a party. In fact, that’s what workers work so hard for in the first place. Some people, however, simply forget how to let go.

Now of course, everyone to an extent will experience a little bleeding between business and pleasure. You might have a call to take now and then during cocktails, or you just might have to take an extra long lunch break to deal with an overbearing in-law. But when the separation becomes less obvious, that’s when things start getting bad. That’s when you wonder if you’re a workaholic.

The longer the imbalance is left untreated, the harder the problem is to fix – its presence becomes impossible to ignore. Hypnosis treats whatever underlying psychological or emotional problems there are behind the imbalance. Combined with life coaching, I can prescribe a plan to get your life back on track. Call my NYC hypnosis office today at 212-599-3195.

Can’t Meet in Person? Hypnosis Works Via Skype or Phone

Dr. Errol GluckAn in-person session is still what I recommend for a successful hypnosis treatment. It’s obviously appropriate, efficient, desirable and often necessary.

But what if extreme social anxiety and shyness make it impossible for a patient to start with office appointments? Also some people communicate better from their own comfortable space, regardless of distance, or prefer to be coached on a level of intimacy that they can only get through voice or video.

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