Clinical Hypnosis Versus Recreational Hypnosis

In a city as rife with leisure activities as NYC, you probably wonder if hypnosis is one of them. Can Clinical Hypnosis be used recreationally? The answer is: Absolutely not! This doesn’t suggest that our sessions will be dry. If that were the case, I doubt I’d have such a high rate of treating people (from Fortune 500 executives to down-and-out twenty-year-olds struggling through post-college anxieties) successfully for 37 years. And counting!

Under extraordinary relaxation, you will also be fully conscious that every second is invested in a practical, long-term outcome. The point, on the whole, is to gain a strong sense of mental control rather than of being controlled. You do not “lose yourself.” You discover, identify, and improve.

Recreational hypnosis, on the other hand, often leads to accepting – plus taking pleasure in – the loss of self-control. This is virtually the opposite of what I’ll be encouraging you to accomplish! Although recreational hypnosis has intense sexual allure and entertainment value, popularly incorporated in BDSM; the practice, from the perspective of Clinical Hypnosis, is closely related to a self-destructive disorder.

Bottom line: The hypnotherapy I provide is grounded in scientific principles, involving the concept of neuroplasticity and the strategies of rational cognitive behavioral therapy. Plenty of intuition is included – my own unique personality, for instance, in relation to yours – that renders treatment stimulating and ultimately transformative. You won’t find a better Clinical Hypnotist in NYC.

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Clinical Hypnosis to Overcome Internet Addiction

It’s true that the social scene in NYC remains unbeatable, growing constantly, and forever exciting. The price of participating, however, isn’t getting any cheaper. Regardless of where you stand economically, you’re bound to think twice about leaving your house once the costs of having fun are accounted for!

However, resourcefulness has its limits. So does spending quiet afternoons in the company of your own imagination. Time comes when you realize that the need to interact with others is no luxury, but a necessity – central to survival and development. What then can one do, without busting one’s bank account, but socialize on the Internet?

There’s probably no need to go on about how the need to connect can be satisfied in cyberspace. Nevertheless, and based on what every client I’ve had has told me, there will always be an element lacking that can only be found in the physical world.

Have you been futilely relying on the Internet to fulfill emotional needs that you should be taking steps outside to meet? The addiction can sap the quality of professional output and reduce social activity to texts and pictures that ultimately serve to render other people unapproachable. I have clients who’ve had to drop out of college owing to their video game addiction.

The great news is that Clinical Hypnosis in NYC with me is almost one hundred percent agreed to get you living your life where you should: in the world outside of the Internet. Let me know if you’re interested in learning exactly how the treatment works.

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Hypnosis for Emergencies

One thing is inescapable in NYC: Emergencies are always happening. If there isn’t a siren outside, there’s an alarm going off in your head. Maybe it’s the day your spouse finally left you for good. Say you’re blanking out about a professional opportunity that you have until tomorrow to seize. Brilliant and entertaining in public, perhaps you’re struck with social phobia when it comes to romantic, intimate events; and, agreeable as you are, you just signed up for one this evening!

Regardless of your overall success in life, a time might come when you will feel tested to your breaking point. When the problem is clear to see, and if you’ve been a client previously, a session (usually longer than 50 minutes) or two of Clinical Hypnosis is usually all it takes. Naturally, there might be scheduling issues for the same-day treatment that you might need. But don’t hesitate to ask right away, just in case! Give my NYC hypnosis office a call at (212) 599-3195.

Hypnosis For Balancing Work And Play

Although the US remains one of the hardest working countries in the world, most of us still value the time to take our work clothes off and go to a party. In fact, that’s what workers work so hard for in the first place. Some people, however, simply forget how to let go.

Now of course, everyone to an extent will experience a little bleeding between business and pleasure. You might have a call to take now and then during cocktails, or you just might have to take an extra long lunch break to deal with an overbearing in-law. But when the separation becomes less obvious, that’s when things start getting bad. That’s when you wonder if you’re a workaholic.

The longer the imbalance is left untreated, the harder the problem is to fix – its presence becomes impossible to ignore. Hypnosis treats whatever underlying psychological or emotional problems there are behind the imbalance. Combined with life coaching, I can prescribe a plan to get your life back on track. Call my NYC hypnosis office today at 212-599-3195.

Hypnosis for Exercise Addiction

Could you be addicted to exercise? If you work in New York City, you know how critical it is to keep your body in shape. Intelligence, financial success, creative accolades aren’t enough. Likely you have an active gym membership, go on regular jogs, are constantly exploring classes on meditation or martial arts. I rarely meet a New Yorker who isn’t concerned with exercise – not so much for dieting, either – in some way, regardless of how much time and money they have.

However, there is such a problem as exercising too much. Way too much. That habit is becoming increasingly prevalent, what with desk work more common along with more reason to stay indoors: People crave moving their bodies! This is understandable, a solid place to start a healthy life. But again: If things reach a stage where people wonder whether you’ve lost your mind, question your actions. It’s possible you are on the verge of a psychological collapse. The chance is high that your obsession with physical exertion is a form of escaping or of sorting out deep emotional instability that can be addressed through a combination of life coaching and clinical hypnosis.

Specializing in weight loss and eating disorders, my goal for you is obvious: I want you to stay fit, keep the natural strength of your energy and drive. Your stamina, in itself, is desirable and rare! But stop subjecting your body to needless pressure and strain. Learn more about my methods at my NYC hypnosis clinic by giving my office a call at (212) 599-3195 to discuss scheduling and rates.