Clinical Hypnosis Versus Recreational Hypnosis

In a city as rife with leisure activities as NYC, you probably wonder if hypnosis is one of them. Can Clinical Hypnosis be used recreationally? The answer is: Absolutely not! This doesn’t suggest that our sessions will be dry. If that were the case, I doubt I’d have such a high rate of treating people (from Fortune 500 executives to down-and-out twenty-year-olds struggling through post-college anxieties) successfully for 37 years. And counting!

Under extraordinary relaxation, you will also be fully conscious that every second is invested in a practical, long-term outcome. The point, on the whole, is to gain a strong sense of mental control rather than of being controlled. You do not “lose yourself.” You discover, identify, and improve.

Recreational hypnosis, on the other hand, often leads to accepting – plus taking pleasure in – the loss of self-control. This is virtually the opposite of what I’ll be encouraging you to accomplish! Although recreational hypnosis has intense sexual allure and entertainment value, popularly incorporated in BDSM; the practice, from the perspective of Clinical Hypnosis, is closely related to a self-destructive disorder.

Bottom line: The hypnotherapy I provide is grounded in scientific principles, involving the concept of neuroplasticity and the strategies of rational cognitive behavioral therapy. Plenty of intuition is included – my own unique personality, for instance, in relation to yours – that renders treatment stimulating and ultimately transformative. You won’t find a better Clinical Hypnotist in NYC.

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