Raise Self-Esteem Via Hypnosis

Hypnosis can help you combat a self-image that’s been disfigured through ages of unfounded, irrational, or unproductive criticism. This country prides itself in encouraging confidence regardless of your circumstances: Take advantage of this characteristic! But don’t get me wrong. I’m not raising your self-esteem by ignoring the problems you do have.

For instance, if you’re abusing drugs or consistently betraying your friendships, I’m not going to tell you that those issues don’t matter. They do. Thing is, do you believe they’re worth solving for yourself?

Remember: Hypnosis will never cast judgment on you. Of course there are certain personal traits that you can’t change. But that’s still no reason for low self-esteem. If anything, you should feel relieved that you don’t have to tackle impossibilities!

Hypnotherapy will reveal your limitations, urge you to look at hard facts. Through this process, you’ll also learn how to accept your life with open eyes. It may not be perfect, but it’s yours to direct.

From there you will understand, and want to understand, the qualities you do have that move you forward. Take a rational, accepting, and optimistic hold of your identity. Call my office to learn more and set an appointment (212) 599-3195.

Hypnotherapy for Headaches

A woman with migrain headachesBefore reaching for another over-the-counter drug for your chronic headaches, think about actually getting to the bottom of the problem.

Hypnotherapy can help: It is a natural form of therapy that doesn’t involve chemicals or secondary mediums and contraptions.  There are no side-effects and no long, drawn-out procedures.

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Hypnosis To Treat Shyness

A shy womanI can imagine what you’re probably thinking after reading this title…“Shyness” is just a part of someone’s personality; why would you ever want to change that?

The problem is not that some people are more timid and others are more outgoing — the problem is that shyness or introversion can often impede someone’s professional or personal development.

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One Session of Hypnosis Isn’t Enough

Hypnosis isn’t a stage act or a magic show. Based on neuroscience, the effectiveness of hypnotherapy relies on knowing your distinctive thought processes, including how you perceive difficulties and how you should and are able to tackle them.

Remember…I do not use the same method for everyone. Nor should anyone want that kind of treatment!  The first session will take your unique personality, history, cultural background, and other similar traits into deep consideration that you yourself will understand that time is key to reaching your goals.

On average, it takes clients 3-5 sessions to complete therapy successfully. These sessions, each of which is fifty minutes long, don’t all happen in one week. Nor should you wait too long before the next session – whether or not we touch base in between – at the risk of letting your issues become irrelevant and unclear (yet still problematic).

I encourage clients to be regular and consistent with their appointments: Starting over every time we meet can often be, quite plainly, a waste of money. There’s only so much time we can skip over before treatment no longer flows productively.

Generally, it is unprofessional, impractical, and uneconomical to take you down the road of hypnosis, in such a cramped length of time, after the personal knowledge I’ll be gathering from you. Hypnosis should let you relax. Every one has a distinct road to take and sense of direction. We will not cut corners, but use as much time as you need to get better efficiently. Trust me, every second counts.

My treatment is short term based on universal standards. The best part is that results are always there to stay.

For information about scheduling, call my office at (212) 599-3195