Difference Between Corporate and Executive Life Coaching

When you hear the term “life coach”, you may automatically assume that their purpose is to help guide you through life by providing a healthy support system regarding where you are in the current phase of your personal life. Essentially, when you are too deeply involved in a situation to assess it clearly, I help you fill in the blanks.

Well did you know that life coaching can also help your professional life?  What’s unique about Gluck Solutions is that I specialize in both Executive and Corporate Life Coaching. Though similar in many ways, there are some differences. Allow me to explain.

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Gimmick Life Coaches

Life coach” is such a vague term, that you usually see it tacked on to every job title there is. “Fashion designer & Life-Coach,” “Chessmaster & Life Coach” — it seems like anyone who’s half gregarious will call themselves a life coach these days.

In fact, if you read the article linked below, you’ll find that there’s a “photographer & life coach” in Europe named Bas Brummans who takes his clients wine tasting in France and touring in the Netherlands because, according to him, “travel is a powerful catalyst for new awareness.” The cost? $5000.

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Grieving and Moving Forward: A Comment on the Washington DC Naval Yard Tragedy

For those of you who pay attention to the news, I’m sure you have all heard about the recent tragic events occurring in Washington DC, Monday, September 16. A former Navy reservist busted into the Washington Navy Yard, killing 12 and injuring 8 people in a mass shooting, at what was understood to be a secure military facility.

While the primary suspect was apprehended and killed by police gunfire, the trauma still lingers for witnesses and families of the victims. Also, the delicate disposition of the American people has been, once again, flipped on its head and fraught with tragedy, due to acts of terrorism and senseless violence.

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A Life Coach is the Accountant of Your Life

A life coach will help you choose the best directionWhen you go to an accountant, you make sure all of your financial cylinders are firing. The best thing about an accountant is that he/she talks in concepts that ensure an optimal situation: taxation (or financial liability for services received), cost of investment, return on investment, risk and so on.

All of these concepts are not just limited to personal finance— these are life terms. They’re the concepts that I use (albeit with a bit less jargon) to help people who find themselves in need of life coaching.

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Why I Don’t Do Self Hypnosis

Hypnotizing WatchSelf hypnosis is a very tricky thing for me. I get the question, “Do you do self-hypnosis?” a lot.

My answer is usually the same: “If you come to my office for two or three sessions, you won’t need self-hypnosis.” My success rate has been so high that no one has ever felt the need to hypnotize him/herself.

But let’s take a step back for a second. I’m not going to say that self-hypnosis doesn’t work because for some people it does.

Targeted, clinically-modeled self-hypnosis can yield some positive results for certain people. But, by and large, I felt that a) the quality of the hypnosis and the yielded effects have not been as great as those found with a practicing hypnotist, and b) a problem of diminishing returns usually arises for those who self-hypnotize; i.e. they get overly accustomed to their hypnotic induction, and it loses its power.

The brain is constantly seeking stimulation, which comes a lot easier to a separate hypnotist working upon a client. Those who practice self-hypnosis have the burden of being both the doctor and the patient so to speak. Just like a barber wouldn’t be the person to cut her hair, so should a client be separate from the hypnotist.

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