Gimmick Life Coaches

Life coach” is such a vague term, that you usually see it tacked on to every job title there is. “Fashion designer & Life-Coach,” “Chessmaster & Life Coach” — it seems like anyone who’s half gregarious will call themselves a life coach these days.

In fact, if you read the article linked below, you’ll find that there’s a “photographer & life coach” in Europe named Bas Brummans who takes his clients wine tasting in France and touring in the Netherlands because, according to him, “travel is a powerful catalyst for new awareness.” The cost? $5000.

My friends. Don’t fall for this. Even if you don’t come to me for coaching, don’t fall for gimmicky life coaching. Life coaching is a financial investment if your coach is someone you can trust, but don’t pay a dime to indulge some man’s fanciful notion of spirituality.

You don’t’ need to shell out five grand for “awareness,” believe me — I’ve been doing this for 35 years. Next time you see someone who tacks on “life coach” to their career title — especially when it’s not after “psychologist” or “hypnotist” — treat them with suspicion.

Here’s the link to that article mentioned above:,1,1288921.story

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