Anxiety and Procrastination

man suffering from anxietySince everyone procrastinates it has become one of the most accepted faults in society.

No longer are procrastinators just unruly teenagers; geniuses procrastinate, businessmen and women procrastinate and, with these impending government spending cuts, our politicians most certainly procrastinate.How did this deficient personality trait become human nature almost overnight?

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Want to Find Love? Start With Finding a Person

loveI’m a natural matchmaker; it’s the Jewish mother in me. While people have come to me to find love, I often start by telling them, “Not so fast.” Love is one of those words that carries so much weight in our culture (there’s a reason Mark Zuckerberg chose to make the button a LIKE button, and not a LOVE button), yet many people can’t give me their own definition of it. So they go into this search, spears forward, trying to mount the summit of Love, thereby blinding themselves to all the people in front of them.

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Hypnosis for Sexual Addiction

a man with sexual addictionMuch of the conversation surrounding sexual addiction circles around whether it exists or not. After a spike of celebrities checked themselves in for sexual addiction in the last 10 years, coupled with a growing national dependence on prescription pills, many people are starting to give credence to the very real problem that is sexual addiction.
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Can Hypnosis Improve Your Confidence?

confident womanFor the last 35 years I’ve been in practice, people have been answering the same question on their Client Intake Forms: “What would you like to achieve?” Before anything else, people write one thing and one thing only, and that’s ‘confidence.’

While no one explicitly comes to see me for “confidence boosting,” people do come to me to treat specific issues like drug addiction or weight loss.

So why are they writing confidence on their forms? How does one achieve that?

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Overcoming Video Game Addiction with Hypnosis

hypnosis can cure your addiction to video gamesAre you or your kids addicted to video games? Would you like to find a way to overcome this addiction to video games through hypnosis? Then keep reading…

While my kids were growing up, I always tried to limit the amount of television they watched for fear they’d become addicted to the “boob tube”. It was a legitimate concern, not wanting to have raised two “Mike Teavee’s” worthy of a Wonka-eque lesson. But no matter how many reruns of Saved By the Bell they may have watched, I thank my lucky stars that I don’t have to worry about raising children in this day and age!

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