Free Weight Loss Seminar with Hypnotist and Executive Life Coach Errol Gluck

Free Weight Loss Seminar with NYC Hypnotist and Executive Life Coach Errol Gluck
April 7th, 2012, 1pm at Westchester County Center, White Plains, New York

Gluck Solutions of NYC gives free class how to lose weight and keep it off combining hypnosis, nutrition, exercise.

A free weight loss seminar is offered by Dr. Errol Gluck on April 7th, 1pm at the Westchester County Center in White Plains, New York.

The Gluck Solutions free seminar will focus how to lose weight and keep it off combining hypnosis, nutrition, exercise. Hypnosis is a therapeutic technique that cures problems of all kinds by guiding your thought process to affect emotional change. By changing the way the brain processes information, you change your behavior for a desired outcome. Hypnosis is 100% safe, and you can terminate the session at any time since you are fully aware throughout the process.

Neuroplasticity is the ability of the brain to change both structurally and functionally as a result of input from the environment. Plasticity can occur on the cellular level, which is involved in memory and learning, but also on a larger scale such as with cortical remapping in response to an injury. Dr. Gluck’s branch of hypnosis has science on its side when it comes to changing your thinking into a positive weight loss tool.

There are so many weight loss pitches out there that you might need to be under hypnosis just to get through them all! Each one tries to be more inventive and clever than the other, and let’s face it, none of their methods seem to work. So why believe us? First of all, we have so much faith in our Weight Loss Program that we don’t need to scream about how much it works. Simply put, it does. Aside from Dr. Gluck’s tried-and-tested blend of hypnosis and life coaching, we selected the best and most effective parts of every method out there and applied it to our program.

Our comprehensive treatment has 5 main components:

1. Hypnosis Perhaps the feature that most sparked your interest, this is one of the most important parts of the program. One of the primary reasons diet and exercise don’t work independently is because they don’t address the mind part of the mind/body relationship. When you change how you think about food, exercise, and body image, you will change how you feel about these things. Your willpower will become your want-power. Weight loss won’t be such an uphill battle – it’ll be a desire.

2. Personal Nutritional Plan Dr. Gluck analyzes your history of food choices, portion sizes, binge/emotional eating, daily eating schedule, and water consumption. From there, he uses your blood type, glycemic index, and nutritional habits, along with the Ultra-Metabolism philosophy of Dr. Mark Hyman, to give you a plan of what you’ll be putting in your body. Dr. Gluck always consults with your physician before any treatment.

3. Exercise Routine After determining your body type, lifestyle, and time constraints, Dr. Gluck will give you a detailed and realistic exercise regimen in order to sculpt your body to its desired image.

4. Supplements You will receive all-natural, homeopathic nutritional supplements that will help the weight loss process. The four main diet pills are Celluloss, which breaks down cellulite, Hoodia, which suppresses appetite, Metacore, which increases thermogenesis (oxidation of body fat), and Ultrafin, which increases lean muscle tissue.

5. Group Dynamic In a group setting, you will have the support of others with similar goals. Dr. Gluck creates an environment where everyone is comfortable, and where camaraderie can emerge naturally. By all means, it’s a social group just as much as it is a weight loss group. Let your peers cheer you on! Bring friends! Are you going to hypnotize us as a group or one at a time? The hypnosis will be in a group format.

Dr. Gluck ensures that each member of his group gets the proper amount of attention for effective change. At no time will anyone feel short-changed by the group setting. How many sessions will it take? That depends on how much weight you’d like to lose. It takes less time to lose 5 lbs. than it does to lose 200 lbs. The groups will be revolving, so each group isn’t a closed commitment. You can stay as long as you’d like, there’ll be a group for you! What if we have private information that we don’t want to reveal in front of others? Each person is invited to email or call Dr. Gluck if there is an issue that demands privacy.

Dr. Errol Gluck, hypnotist and founder of Gluck Solutions in New York City, NGH, is the top Clinical Hypnotist and Life Coach in New York. Certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists to both practice and teach Clinical Hypnosis, Dr. Gluck has gone above and beyond to create an approach based on his 35 years of experience in helping people lose weight, quit addictions, rid sadness and stress, and guide personal and professional development. Aside from helping all types, including the most powerful CEOs and athletes in the country, Dr. Gluck has also served as a public speaker, educator, advice columnist, and is currently the featured Hypnotist and Life Coach on “Living Better with Laura Smith” on WABC radio. He is the proud father of two daughters, and lives with his wife Manhattan.