Clinical Hypnosis and Aging

Aging happens to the best of us. Particularly in NYC, many clients come in with problems that tend to boil down to one thing: They’re getting older. I often wonder, wasn’t there a time when getting older seemed like the key to solving problems related to being young?

While hypnosis can cure many things, I’m afraid it can’t keep you from getting older. But it is possible to slow down the physical, emotional, and mental effects of aging.

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Clinical Hypnosis Versus Nicotine Patches and Gum

stopsmokingWith the right mindset and determination, it is possible to quit smoking! I have a 94% success rate – higher than any other alternative here in New York City.

Regardless of what made you start, or whether you’re smoking two packs a day or two cigarettes a week, you still have an addiction that, for the benefit of your health, needs to be curbed.

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Hypnosis and Compulsive Shopping

In NYC, it feels impossible to stick to a strict budget. I get many clients scolding themselves for misspending their money on things that are ultimately making them financially strapped and unhappy. Believe it or not, I understand what the problem is from the inside since I used to be an impulsive buyer myself.

Frivolous spending every once and a while is never an issue. If you want to indulge after every paycheck or two, why not? But if you find yourself spending more and more to chase “highs” that leave you regretful and emptier than you felt, you’re probably hooked on consumption. The dopamine spikes that come with buying one thing after another creates an illusory fix that makes the actual solution to your problems even harder – if only a tiny bit harder – to attain.

What’s the actual source of your impulse? What can you do to stop unnecessary, and at times even undesirable, spending?

The answer is more scientific than you think. I provide hypnosis in NYC for people with compulsive shopping/addiction issues. Give me a call at 212-599-3195 and let’s talk about solutions for you using hypnotherapy. I’ll explain how the concept of neuroplasticity to rewire your brain in order to create positive emotional association with budgeting your money. A life of merry moderation is just around the corner…

NYC Small Business Coaching

Running a small business is always a big deal. Any owner knows that starting shop is the hardest part, since lesser known products take greater effort to fund and support. Add to that the work needed to get customers, security, exposure, and all the rest. The reason that many small business fail, I’m betting, doesn’t owe to a lack of creative ideas. Remember that NYC is a still at the forefront of ingenuity and innovation!

What is missing is the ability to gain and enhance the partnerships at the heart of being an entrepreneur. Helpful as social networking websites are, they are not substitutes for one-on-one interaction. Don’t rely on your online presence alone and expect your business to thrive. But let me not spend time on convincing you how important it is to know how to talk to people in a forthright, practical way for your professional ambitions. There is, believe it or not, a personal component involved! I’m not advocating that getting ahead means spending constant leisure time with your associates (you can if you’d like, needless to say). But I’m not proposing the opposite, either. My goal is to get you striving for the balance necessary to get meet your own distinctive goals. Key word: Striving. Putting in the effort to improve, in some form or amount, counts as much as the end of the means.

Balance in professional networking skills doesn’t mean 50/50. Balance doesn’t mean perfection. Your balance is individual, based on your communicative strengths. I have the experience and connections, plus the background in Clinical Hypnosis, to coach you in managing your small business partnerships.  You will learn the secrets to unlocking your potential as a business man or woman and be astounded by what you can achieve. Most people already have the right tools and instincts; they just need the self-confidence and motivation to make connections. There’s nothing to fear! Give my office a call if you think you can benefit from a session: 212-519-3995.

NYC Hypnotist Cures Sexual Addiction

I’ve been in practice for 37 years. Particularly in NYC – which is rife with every stimuli, means, and cause to sustain sexual addiction – I don’t need a DSM board to tell me that the problem is real. Sexual addiction is a clinical issue and primarily self-destructive.

No pill or patch comes close to a cure. Trickier is that the triggers of relapse are nearly impossible to shut off because the average human is very much a sexual being already. It’s a harsh world for a sexual addict because not a day goes by without some sexually suggestive object. Internet is no escape route, self isn’t one either. Picture a recovering alcoholic rounding every street corner to find liquor in the streets.

Hypnosis treats sex addiction by getting straight into the subconscious brain, also referred to as the reptilian brain, and making new associations for the emotional instincts driving the craving. In the same way that a chocolate lover gets a thrill from more and more chocolate, the addict gets a thrill from more and more intercourse. Almost by nature, that constant thrill-seeking quickly turns destructive. The health risks increase each time, physically and psychologically among other ways.

Remember: When you change your thoughts and impulses through hypnosis, you change your behavior. Folks, neuroplasticity continues to be the most effective treatment method for people with addictions. I can’t emphasize that point enough.

Let me know if you’re ready to schedule your session: 212-599-3195.