NYC Hypnotist Cures Sexual Addiction

I’ve been in practice for 37 years. Particularly in NYC – which is rife with every stimuli, means, and cause to sustain sexual addiction – I don’t need a DSM board to tell me that the problem is real. Sexual addiction is a clinical issue and primarily self-destructive.

No pill or patch comes close to a cure. Trickier is that the triggers of relapse are nearly impossible to shut off because the average human is very much a sexual being already. It’s a harsh world for a sexual addict because not a day goes by without some sexually suggestive object. Internet is no escape route, self isn’t one either. Picture a recovering alcoholic rounding every street corner to find liquor in the streets.

Hypnosis treats sex addiction by getting straight into the subconscious brain, also referred to as the reptilian brain, and making new associations for the emotional instincts driving the craving. In the same way that a chocolate lover gets a thrill from more and more chocolate, the addict gets a thrill from more and more intercourse. Almost by nature, that constant thrill-seeking quickly turns destructive. The health risks increase each time, physically and psychologically among other ways.

Remember: When you change your thoughts and impulses through hypnosis, you change your behavior. Folks, neuroplasticity continues to be the most effective treatment method for people with addictions. I can’t emphasize that point enough.

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