NYC Small Business Coaching

Running a small business is always a big deal. Any owner knows that starting shop is the hardest part, since lesser known products take greater effort to fund and support. Add to that the work needed to get customers, security, exposure, and all the rest. The reason that many small business fail, I’m betting, doesn’t owe to a lack of creative ideas. Remember that NYC is a still at the forefront of ingenuity and innovation!

What is missing is the ability to gain and enhance the partnerships at the heart of being an entrepreneur. Helpful as social networking websites are, they are not substitutes for one-on-one interaction. Don’t rely on your online presence alone and expect your business to thrive. But let me not spend time on convincing you how important it is to know how to talk to people in a forthright, practical way for your professional ambitions. There is, believe it or not, a personal component involved! I’m not advocating that getting ahead means spending constant leisure time with your associates (you can if you’d like, needless to say). But I’m not proposing the opposite, either. My goal is to get you striving for the balance necessary to get meet your own distinctive goals. Key word: Striving. Putting in the effort to improve, in some form or amount, counts as much as the end of the means.

Balance in professional networking skills doesn’t mean 50/50. Balance doesn’t mean perfection. Your balance is individual, based on your communicative strengths. I have the experience and connections, plus the background in Clinical Hypnosis, to coach you in managing your small business partnerships.  You will learn the secrets to unlocking your potential as a business man or woman and be astounded by what you can achieve. Most people already have the right tools and instincts; they just need the self-confidence and motivation to make connections. There’s nothing to fear! Give my office a call if you think you can benefit from a session: 212-519-3995.

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