Hypnosis and Compulsive Shopping

In NYC, it feels impossible to stick to a strict budget. I get many clients scolding themselves for misspending their money on things that are ultimately making them financially strapped and unhappy. Believe it or not, I understand what the problem is from the inside since I used to be an impulsive buyer myself.

Frivolous spending every once and a while is never an issue. If you want to indulge after every paycheck or two, why not? But if you find yourself spending more and more to chase “highs” that leave you regretful and emptier than you felt, you’re probably hooked on consumption. The dopamine spikes that come with buying one thing after another creates an illusory fix that makes the actual solution to your problems even harder – if only a tiny bit harder – to attain.

What’s the actual source of your impulse? What can you do to stop unnecessary, and at times even undesirable, spending?

The answer is more scientific than you think. I provide hypnosis in NYC for people with compulsive shopping/addiction issues. Give me a call at 212-599-3195 and let’s talk about solutions for you using hypnotherapy. I’ll explain how the concept of neuroplasticity to rewire your brain in order to create positive emotional association with budgeting your money. A life of merry moderation is just around the corner…

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