How Hypnosis Cures Gambling Addiction

Gambling AddictionClinical Hypnosis cures gambling addiction by changing the neurological patterns behind the thrill of compulsive risk-taking.

Whether it’s excessive stock trading on Wall Street, Atlantic City’s slot machines, or all-night poker roundtables in the Manhattan underground, gambling addiction has harder physical reality in the New York City area than anywhere else.

The internet makes the problem more ubiquitous. An increase in personal financial troubles, owing to the peak of the US recession and the recent rise in unemployment, motivates more people to turn to gambling for relief.

Now, all gamblers are deeply injured pleasure-seekers. Ironically, in their efforts to avoid or ease pain, gamblers take on different opportunities without thinking twice about them; they act for the excitement – or pleasure – that comes with action. The rush of feeling alive, of almost losing everything until the final moment, is extremely addictive. But what happens if the move leads to worse pain? In the darkest scenario,  every option in existence is within the gambler’s reach, and his life is based on trying every single one.

Of course: Once in a while a high stake is both necessary and desirable. In fact, I’d say it is mentally sound to take one for yourself! Especially if you are normally a very cautious person. Managing the outcome, whether or not it is a success, is simply a reality. The big problem in gambling is rooted in the uncontrollable need to take risk after risk – the greater the loss or win, the greater the temptation to give the chance a go – regardless of whether the toll outweighs reward nearly every time. In hypnotherapy, I create a mind frame where the gambler can rationally acknowledge the pain resulting from his actions.

Taking more chances doesn’t cover up for old losses. There are alternatives to the thrill of betting for its own sake. You’ll learn how through Clinical Hypnosis.

If you think you might have gambling addiction, don’t let it go any further but call me for consultation and appointment times at (212) 599-3195.

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