Hypnotherapy in New York City

Although such common problems as stress, anxiety, fear, and addiction exist everywhere, they are multiplied ten-fold in New York City. No one is spared, not even the city’s top executives – many of whom I’ve successfully treated.

In such a fast-paced, constantly demanding city, it’s hard for people to focus on solving a single problem – no matter how important – all the way. Rather, the “solution” is to skip onto other problems that inevitably come along.  By choosing hypnosis, clients commit to a place where they can’t run away from the key obstacles in their life.

Remember: Clinical Hypnosis is a hard science that revises how you respond to information and experiences. Your thoughts influence your actions, and your actions your life. Therapy gets straight to the core of faulty decision-making so that you don’t make wrong choices repeatedly.

For more info about sessions and scheduling, call my office at (212) 599-3195.

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