Sports Hypnosis Improves Golf Game, According to Dr. Errol Gluck of Gluck Solutions, New York City

Sports Hypnosis Improves Golf Game, According to Dr. Errol Gluck of Gluck Solutions in NYC

Jack Nicklaus  said that golf is a game that requires 90% mental preparation and 10% skill;  three hypnosis sessions can change your golf game forever.

Dr. Errol Gluck of Gluck Solutions focuses on hypnosis in NYC and likes to quote The King golfer, Arnold Palmer, who once said, “I have a tip that can take five strokes off anyone’s golf game. It is called an eraser.” Clearly, Palmer never heard of hypnosis. The game is mostly mental. It requires a perfect swing, a perfect follow-through, intra-body connectivity, etc., but the ball will end up in the bunker if that’s where one’s mind is. Just look at what’s happened to golfer Tiger Woods.

Sports hypnosis expert Dr. Errol Gluck of NYC says, “A great golfer is already within you. How do we know? Well, you’ve surely had great games where you were just tearing up the course, right?”  Dr. Gluck continues, “Why did you have one great day in between a bunch of not-so-great ones? It was because you were focused, relaxed, and consistent – the stars in your mind were aligned.” Hypnosis helps activate those states of being more frequently. Hypnosis frees the mind allowing golfers to reach there skills through concentration.

Forget the self-help books, the gurus hawking videos online–one-on-one sessions with a trained hypnotist, like Dr. Errol Gluck of Gluck Solutions in New York, helps people solve a range of challenges such as losing weight, helping smokers quit, help the depressed become their old selves, and helps the professional and/or the social/business golfer relinquish the intense anxiety that creeps up on the golf-course.

It doesn’t matter what one thinks before the game, or before the tee up; all that matters is whether the mind and body are in sync when the club meets ball. Sports hypnosis creates a sharper mind, strengthens reflexes, eliminates awareness of pain and soreness, and develops a routine that can be returned to time and time again.

The great advantage about hypnosis is that it’s fast.  A golfer—or anyone–doesn’t want to be in a doctor’s office three times every week; a golfer wants to be on the grass. An expert hypnotist requires only two or three sessions to impact and completely change one’s golf game.                                                           

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