Small Business Coaching Will Give You the Edge You Need

business coachingWhether it’s a five person accounting firm or a furniture restoration business out of your garage, running a small business comes with its own unique set of challenges. Most people create their own company to pursue a passion or to avoid the rigid, “cog in the machine” feel of working in a large, corporate office but without the proper coaching, it’s easy to let the headaches of small business ownership outweigh the victories.

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Hypnosis Training in NYC: Learn How to Start Your Own Practice

Hypnosis training in NYC with Dr. Errol Gluck Are you someone who has always enjoyed helping others? Do you have superior listening and communication skills? Are you someone who people feel comfortable opening up to? If so, you may have what it takes to become an extremely successful hypnotist.

As a part of my practice, I offer a highly selective training program for those who are motivated to help solve other people’s problems. If you are interested in exploring the complexities of the human mind and are eager to help other people in new ways, you could very well be my next trainee.

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How Can Hypnosis Help Relieve Your Anxiety or Panic Attacks?

man suffering from anxietyYou can feel your heart racing as you repeatedly clench and unclench your numb, tingling hands. You try desperately to catch your breath and slow your heartbeat but nothing seems to calm you down. You place your hand on your pounding chest and tell yourself that you are fine, but you can’t shake the all-consuming feeling that something terrible is happening.

Sound familiar? If it rings a bell, than you may be one of the 6.8 million Americans who suffer from anxiety. Although it may not necessarily manifest itself as a panic attack such as the one described above, it is still an extremely debilitating, frustrating experience for those who fall victim to this disorder.

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What is Gluck Radio?

GluckRadioSo what is GluckRadio? For starters, it’s a podcast, which for those of you whom don’t know, is an internet-based radio show that is playable on demand. You can pause, rewind, and fast-forward (but I know you won’t fast-forward us of course). It’s not live, so my audience has no obligation to be by their radios at a certain point in time. All the episodes I’ve done so far, which by now are 17, are available for continual and repetitive listening. They’re all about 45 minutes each, and they go by quickly, so be sure to listen. But what can you expect to listen to?

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