What is Gluck Radio?

GluckRadioSo what is GluckRadio? For starters, it’s a podcast, which for those of you whom don’t know, is an internet-based radio show that is playable on demand. You can pause, rewind, and fast-forward (but I know you won’t fast-forward us of course). It’s not live, so my audience has no obligation to be by their radios at a certain point in time. All the episodes I’ve done so far, which by now are 17, are available for continual and repetitive listening. They’re all about 45 minutes each, and they go by quickly, so be sure to listen. But what can you expect to listen to?

In giving my elevator speech for GluckRadio, I tell people and doormen, “GluckRadio provides the human bent on socio-political, cultural, and psychological issues.” It’s not like NPR or BBC in its erudition, nor is like MSNBC or FOX in its neurotic provocation—it’s a very personal take on interviews that reveal crucial aspects of major issues I bet you didn’t know. Somewhere between CNN and your kitchen table. So in many ways it serves to demystify issues that are on our minds, but ones we lack complete knowledge of. We’ve had Wiccans, as in witches, come on our show and talk about personal heartbreak; we’ve had ex-schizophrenics talk about their path to recovery; we’ve had a male feminist admit that he used to be a sexist; we’ve had the Occupy Wall St. pioneers come on and state their points with tremendous articulation — you get the gist.

Dr. Errol Gluck on GluckRadioBut on a deeper level, my slogan for GluckRadio is, “To Every Problem, There is a Solution” because, on GluckRadio, our guests either were experiencing a problem, or speak on behalf of a larger societal problem. What makes my show different is that I’m not ashamed to take a stance. Radio hosts are stressed to be “fair,” “balanced,” or “tolerant.” I am on one side, baby, and that is the side of solutions, not political parties, not man/woman, but solutions. To every problem on my show, I offer a Gluck Solution. And I do it in 50, that’s 5-O.

Can you tell I’m having fun doing it? It’s a labor of love, my guests are all geniuses, and my production team—Devin Exambo, Betsy Geggatt, and John Alexander Busi—are Godsends.

If it’s a Friday, it’s a circus over here at GluckRadio.

Come joint the fun by clicking here.

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