Can Hypnosis Help You Manage Anger?

A frustrated angry womanAccording to, anger is “a natural emotion that alerts us when something has violated the natural order of how we think things should go.”

Indignation is important and can be highly productive. After all, Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks were angry, and that very emotion led to the Civil Rights and dreams being realized.

So, let me clear here: I’m not against anger in general. Anger can be a great way to focus your thoughts and feelings, and energize and persuade a crowd to do something.

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Can Hypnosis Make You a Better Parent?

Are you a new parent? If so, chances are you’re terrified. You’re probably asking yourself, “Am I ready to be a parent?” “Am I doing this right?” “Since childhoods are so important in forming a person, must I walk around on eggshells around my child?” or, “How do I juggle my job with my parenting?”

If you’re asking these important questions and you’re sincerely concerned about the most important job you’ll ever have, then it is time to quiet your mind with hypnosis.

The Gluck Solutions Parenting Program deals with all the stresses that accompany parenting. There are the issues that hypnosis can treat: anxiety, sleeping issues, stress, etc. Then there are the issues that life coaching can treat: relationship counseling during this turbulent time, money issues, and how to manage a growing family.

There’s no such thing as a perfect parent. There are so many things to consider as a parent that you inevitably WILL make mistakes and miss things. All parents do. There is no need to worry about that — there are tons of roadblocks.

What you do need to worry about are the following:

  • Your health in body and mind,
  • Your well-being, and
  • Your child’s well-being.

In order to accomplish these things, you need an outside eye to give you some crucial perspective in order to make the early years of parent the absolute joy they should be.

Call my office, and be the best parent you can be!

Hypnosis and Creativity

There was a great article I read about hypnosis and creativity a few weeks ago.  It brings up an important phrase that I’ve seldom heard before: “quality of consciousness.”

For any type of creativity — artistic, professional, problem-solving — you need to first ask yourself, “What is my quality of consciousness?” Are you distracted? Are you anxious? Is there underlying depression? What is polluting your consciousness and serving as an obstacle toward reaching your creative goals? Creativity is not this palatable thing to attain; creativity is a mode of operation originating in the brain. Hypnosis can help you better reach that frame of mind.

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Life Coaching and Hypnosis for Anxiety

man suffering from anxietyA lot of people who face anxiety come to me for hypnosis and not for life coaching.

Utilizing the science of neuroplasticity and rational cognitive therapy, hypnosis can obviously go to the neurological corners that life coaching might not be able to. So if you do face anxiety, I recommend my hypnosis program for you.

However, let me tell you about the effects of life coaching on anxiety…

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