Losing Any Phobia Through Clinical Hypnosis

The list of phobias appears endless. At the root of them all is that they are irrational. Of course, a certain dose of skepticism and hesitation is necessary to survival. There is, however, such a response as an overdose of anxiety when coming across a particular object or situation.

Sometimes the causes of the phobia are symptoms of other disorders that the, usually behavioral, phobia has overshadowed. We will address every single piece of your difficulty during hypnotherapy treatment. Remember a transformation of perception changes your attitudes, and in turn your actions; putting your situation in a light that makes sense.

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Can Hypnosis Erase Memories?

The answer is no. However, hypnosis can reshape your thoughts about particular memories. Clients usually see me for traumatic ones that pose obstacles in their day-to-day affairs. Others come seeking to stop “resting on their laurels.” All of them are desperate for necessary action and change.

The question is whether you’re willing to let go of the associations you’ve made to your past when they start causing obvious harm. By that I mean: you develop a specific phobia, say, or blank out on basic upkeep like showering and eating. Don’t let the effects worsen into major disorders.

During treatment, you’ll learn to deal with memories without being overwhelmed or stuck. My success rate is remarkable. And I’ve been practicing in NYC for 37 years.

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Afraid of Heights? Hypnosis Keeps You Grounded

stop fearFear of heights, or acrophobia, is one of the most common phobias out there. There’s no medicine or quick fix for this disorder, making hypnotherapy the surest remedy.

Simply put: Acrophobia is an exaggerated version of the universal survival instinct to flee from danger, namely that of falling from a high place. People inflicted with the phobia can’t always define the origins (usually a traumatic experience in their past), but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a solution.

Hypnosis is a place to safely understand why the phobia is an irrational obstacle. I then guide you into reversing your mental reactions to those moments of being above ground. With continuous practice, your new thoughts will become so natural that they change your usual behavioral responses; and, in turn, rid you of acrophobia for good.

If you’re anxious that hypnosis won’t work because your fear is purely irrational, remember: all you need to secure a successful treatment is the desire to overcome your fear. Leave everything else up to me.

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Hypnosis Cures Claustrophobia

A woman with claustrophobiaBeing trapped in a small space without an exit, for everyone, is a cause to be very afraid. However, being afraid in the same space, despite the obvious exits and the fact that no one is trapping you, signals that you are probably claustrophobic. If you are hyperventilating or feeling the symptoms of a panic attack, you have to get yourself treated.

In the 37 years I’ve practiced Clinical Hypnosis, I’ve cured all my claustrophobic clients. The critical part is identifying your specific traumatic experiences in tightly enclosed spaces, which have led you to fearing every space like the one you’d been in regardless of the space’s actual boundaries and exits. We will work together to undo the fear by replacing your initial emotional reflexes with the rational, less subjective yet immediate thought processes that I know you’re capable of.
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Can Hypnotherapy Cure Fear of Flying?

a woman who has a fear of flyingAlong with death and public speaking, the fear of flying is the most common phobia in America. The only thing is a slim portion of people are ever called upon to speak publicly and you won’t be around for your own death, but most people need to fly at least a few times in their lives.

The fear of flying is particularly tricky in that it manifests in many different ways (from mild anxiety to outright panic attack); it can come on at any point in a person’s life; or it can wax and wane in a person’s life depending on other coexisting factors.

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