Hypnosis Can Cure Fear Public Speaking

scared public speakerI can help you improve a skill that almost everyone will have to learn: public speaking. I’ve worked with independent executives, corporate executives, educators, performers, people from all walks of life suddenly called to speak in front of the group. One thing I discovered is that the fear of public speaking is rooted in shame and guilt.

Guilt is also known as the Impostor Syndrome: People don’t feel they deserve being in the place they’re in, so they’re not confident.

In either professional or personal life, the guilt doesn’t make sense. You’re the one in a suit on stage – you deserve to be there! Think about it this way: If not you, then who and why isn’t the supposedly more important person there?

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Hypnosis for Fear of Flying

The fear of flying is called Pteromerhanophobia, which is about as hard to pronounce as it is to suffer from – especially during the holiday season. Many of us need to take airplanes to visit family members across the country, and find it very difficult to overcome our phobias.

I notice an uptick of people coming into my office for the fear of flying around the holiday. Like all phobias, the fear of flying is an irrational response to certain emotional triggers that planes provide for some people; they could be the confining space, taking off or landing, whatever.

The key to treating the fear of flying with hypnosis is to rewire the brain to emotionally process these triggers differently. As many of you who are familiar with me know, this is the science of neuroplasticity. There’s no reason why the hum of an airplane engine can’t put you to sleep after hypnosis with me, as opposed to having that engine roar send you into a mild form of panic.

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How to Overcome Your Phobias with Hypnosis

Phobias are quite interesting because people who are highly successful, who have achieved great things in life, have little secret phobias that no one knows, and we kid about them, and we just say, “Well, this is just part of our personality.”

Dr. Errol Gluck Discusses Phobias and Hypnosis

“I’m afraid of planes.” “I’m a claustrophobic.” “I’m afraid of public speaking.” “I’m afraid of mice or ants,” or whatever the case might be. But most people don’t know that a phobia can control a great deal of time and portion of your thoughts.

Using coaching and hypnosis, in particular, eliminates phobias in a very short time, and without that space in your head being taken up by a phobia that doesn’t need to exist, you could actually put your life, mind, and time into something that would actually bring you happiness.

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Overcoming Fear of Being Judged Through Hypnosis

scared public speakerYou are on a huge stage, headlining for what has been advertised as “the Concert of the Century”, for months now. You know you are more than prepared- you’ve stuck to your diet, done all your vocal warm ups twice, you know all your songs better then the back of your hand, and are dressed from head to toe in an outfit so revolutionary, that even Lady GaGa knows she can’t compete.

The crowd roars with excitement and anticipation, as all your friends, family, and coworkers crowd the front rows, joining the rest of your fans in chanting your name over and over.

This is your one and only shot to prove yourself to everyone else- this is your time to really deliver. The pressure is on – and on full blast!

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Hypnosis for Anti Aging

GluckRadioNow after reading this title, you need to understand something. Nothing is going to stop you from aging. It happens to even the best of us, and while hypnosis is good, it’s not that good. If you’re interested in the science of aging, listen to the GluckRadio episode I did with anti-aging gerontologist Aubrey DeGrey here! But what hypnosis can do is slow down the effects of aging.

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