Hypnosis for Fear of Flying

The fear of flying is called Pteromerhanophobia, which is about as hard to pronounce as it is to suffer from – especially during the holiday season. Many of us need to take airplanes to visit family members across the country, and find it very difficult to overcome our phobias.

I notice an uptick of people coming into my office for the fear of flying around the holiday. Like all phobias, the fear of flying is an irrational response to certain emotional triggers that planes provide for some people; they could be the confining space, taking off or landing, whatever.

The key to treating the fear of flying with hypnosis is to rewire the brain to emotionally process these triggers differently. As many of you who are familiar with me know, this is the science of neuroplasticity. There’s no reason why the hum of an airplane engine can’t put you to sleep after hypnosis with me, as opposed to having that engine roar send you into a mild form of panic.

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