Hypnosis and the Fear of Water

Whether we had a frightening experience with swimmies as a child or we watched “Jaws” one too many times, a fear of water and/or swimming is quite common.

Now, I love taking a dip in the ocean or jumping into a pool as much as the next person but even I have to admit that water can certainly be something dangerous and fear evoking.  It is something to be respected and often, that sense of fear is our mind protecting us just as we feel the drop in the pit of our stomachs when staring down from a drastic height. However, this does not mean that one has to live in fear whenever they are in a situation that involves water.

Why should you have to avoid a day at the beach or night swim when everyone else seems to be having the time of his or her lives?

But how, you may ask, can someone begin to overcome this phobia? Why, hypnosis of course!

If you’re an avid reader of my blog, you’ve learned that hypnosis can cure any number of phobias and fears and the fear of water is no exception.

I will teach you how to relax and eventually let your fear go as I guide you through a hypnotic trance. It’s safe, it’s fast and it’s incredibly effective. I’m the master problem solver so give my office a call. You’ll be booking yourself a ticket to an Oceanside resort in no time!

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