Life Coaching and Hypnosis for Anxiety

man suffering from anxietyA lot of people who face anxiety come to me for hypnosis and not for life coaching.

Utilizing the science of neuroplasticity and rational cognitive therapy, hypnosis can obviously go to the neurological corners that life coaching might not be able to. So if you do face anxiety, I recommend my hypnosis program for you.

However, let me tell you about the effects of life coaching on anxiety…

At first it might seem unnatural. You’re probably thinking that life coaching is for recent college grads or unemployed bankers…that it’s akin to a minor chiropractic adjustment.


Life coaching can be an equally valid therapy as hypnosis is against all sorts of issues, including psychological problems, drug addiction, and phobias.

Life coaching teaches you a way of thinking on a more conscious level than the subconscious methods of hypnosis. But that’s important. If we can operate on a conscious level as well as a subconscious level, it only adds more power to the effectiveness of the overall treatment.

What’s more, it changes your mental material immediately. Whereas hypnosis changes your associations between emotions and thoughts, life coaching gives you the productive thoughts, active steps, and overall goals immediately.

So don’t just write down your issue of as one for hypnosis. Let’s do both. They’re not mutually exclusive.

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