You Can Overcome Your Anxiety With Hypnosis

Anxiety is something that is pandemic in our society. It is a sense of dread. It could be something as benign as a little anxiety in the morning facing the day, or something as paralyzing as a panic attack or agoraphobia or simply an anxiety that keeps you from living life.

Dr. Gluck Discusses How To Treat Anxiety With Hypnosis

What we do with anxiety is we identify on a cognitive level the roots of anxiety. Very often they’re tied into fears because of rejection, fears of not being good enough, you’re a failure; simply some of the old messages that were placed in our head long before we had the neurological filters to take those messages and filter out what’s real from what’s not real.

I will identify the sources that are creating the anxiety and I will use hypnosis to remove them. This is not stage hypnosis. This is clinical hypnosis. You will get the results and there’s no one better than I to do it.

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