Hap·py /ˈhapē/ Adjective 1. 
Feeling Or Showing Pleasure Or Contentment.

Unhappy people are easy to recognize. They share a common lack of identity, path, and/or aspirations. I’m not talking about “the late bloomer”. We all have that neighbor with a 26-year-old son who’s been trying to “find” himself since graduating college.

Unhappy people are unhappy because they aren’t trying to find themselves. They actually believe it when their mammal brains, the brain we’re born with, tell them that they are meant and designed for unhappiness.

imagesSome people are unhappy because of a bio-chemical imbalance. Somewhere down the line, they’ve compromised themselves, or they’ve entered a structure (relationship, contractual agreement, or professional position) that has forced them to live a life that’s contrary to their inner self. These people could potentially suffer from mild, chronic, or acute unhappiness. Chronic unhappiness potentially directs its host to a life of avoidance by means of addiction while acute unhappiness forces its host into a world of depression.

But, unhappiness is not hopelessness.

Action must be taken to help pinpoint the root of unhappiness in your life. Figuring it out is half the battle. Could it be that you’re still holding on to a past hurt? Failing at the life plan someone else has made for you? or listening to the negativity of your mammal brain? Believing that you can move from where you are to where you want to be is vital. With my help, I can help identify what’s preventing you from moving forward in your rich and meaningful life.

Experience–dependent neuroplasticity, the part of our brain that learns from our experiences, forms our personality when in the beta and gamma state. This means we can also reorganize, and, as a result, change our personalities. So long as what’s being changed is philosophically and truly embraced an entire person can be turned around. The goal is not to get you to be someone else, but to get you to your very unique self.

Self-Medication Turned Self-Mutalation.

Addiction isn’t a pretty word. It’s, unfortunately, so often visually associated with junkies and emotionally tied to rebellion. Compassion is a helping hand never fully extended because, let’s be honest, assumptions keep us hesitant to fully committing ourselves to helping those who can’t help themselves.

In early years of development, our frontal lobes aren’t fully formed. This means all we know is adopted from the environment surrounding us. If those who influence us have unhealthy ways of coping, we might also. tumblr_static_filename_640_v2Addiction, contrary to what is thought, can be a learnt behavior. In a family where words are kept behind glasses of Bourbon, there’s a chance drinking could occupy the space reserved for conversation. Drugs are used for coping with the stress of family, work, identity, and everyday life. Addictions are a physical manifestation of an inner mewing. For many addicts, the use of drugs was a form of self-medication, but mutated into self-mutilation.

Some addictions aren’t even drug based. There can be addictions to sex, love, compulsions, and gossip. Imagine the inability to keep a secret. Addictions are more psychologically than neurologically rooted. Meaning they’re more mind than brain based. Compulsions are usually neurological. I have had tremendous success integrating Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy through neuroplasticity, but it’s important to identify the underlining irritations. So many problems can be solved and resolved with hypnosis.

Caitlyn is Happy, That’s All That Matters.

When I was thirteen, I took my first job developing x-rays at a local hospital. It was then that I came across an x-ray of a baby that was born with both male and female sexual parts. The child’s parents were told to make a decision, evidently choosing the fate of their child’s future. Thereafter, I learned that one in every thirteen babies are born with signs of both genders.IMG_4751

Caitlyn, born Bruce Jenner, is the ultimate Olympian and champion. She was a hero then and is a greater heroine today. We are all born into bodies that belong to us – not to the world. We are all born to be uniquely different – not obliged to conform to who the world tells us to be. We are all entitled to our own form of happiness regardless of whether or not the world shares or understands it.IMG_4753

You need to be who you are.

Let me reiterate: you need to be you are really are. You will never be happy being someone else because you will never be good at being someone else as good as you could be being yourself.

I sit here genuinely happy for Caitlyn, for having overcome her fear and for having been so brave in moving forward with her life. Welcome to your new chapter in life.

I’ve come across a gamut of clients in the past 38 years of working in this field of hypnotherapy, hypnosis, and life coaching and I must say that fear has got to be one of the more extreme life debilitating issues people face. Fear of what the world thinks, fear of judgement, fear of acceptance and fear of being honest about what you want and who you want to be keep people bottled up as they slowly suffocate themselves into misery.IMG_4752Reading and witnessing Caitlyn’s entrance into this world in this day and age is a breath of fresh air. For anyone who knows there’s something more for them out there but can’t quite grasp what and who that person is, come see me and we will meet him or her together. Let me tell you, there’s more of you to be found.

Dr. Gluck

Hypnosis for Fear of Flying

The fear of flying is called Pteromerhanophobia, which is about as hard to pronounce as it is to suffer from – especially during the holiday season. Many of us need to take airplanes to visit family members across the country, and find it very difficult to overcome our phobias.

I notice an uptick of people coming into my office for the fear of flying around the holiday. Like all phobias, the fear of flying is an irrational response to certain emotional triggers that planes provide for some people; they could be the confining space, taking off or landing, whatever.

The key to treating the fear of flying with hypnosis is to rewire the brain to emotionally process these triggers differently. As many of you who are familiar with me know, this is the science of neuroplasticity. There’s no reason why the hum of an airplane engine can’t put you to sleep after hypnosis with me, as opposed to having that engine roar send you into a mild form of panic.

For more information how to overcome fears and phobias with hypnosis please call us my office at 212-599-3195.

You Can Overcome Your Anxiety With Hypnosis

Anxiety is something that is pandemic in our society. It is a sense of dread. It could be something as benign as a little anxiety in the morning facing the day, or something as paralyzing as a panic attack or agoraphobia or simply an anxiety that keeps you from living life.

Dr. Gluck Discusses How To Treat Anxiety With Hypnosis

What we do with anxiety is we identify on a cognitive level the roots of anxiety. Very often they’re tied into fears because of rejection, fears of not being good enough, you’re a failure; simply some of the old messages that were placed in our head long before we had the neurological filters to take those messages and filter out what’s real from what’s not real.

I will identify the sources that are creating the anxiety and I will use hypnosis to remove them. This is not stage hypnosis. This is clinical hypnosis. You will get the results and there’s no one better than I to do it.