Self-Medication Turned Self-Mutalation.

Addiction isn’t a pretty word. It’s, unfortunately, so often visually associated with junkies and emotionally tied to rebellion. Compassion is a helping hand never fully extended because, let’s be honest, assumptions keep us hesitant to fully committing ourselves to helping those who can’t help themselves.

In early years of development, our frontal lobes aren’t fully formed. This means all we know is adopted from the environment surrounding us. If those who influence us have unhealthy ways of coping, we might also. tumblr_static_filename_640_v2Addiction, contrary to what is thought, can be a learnt behavior. In a family where words are kept behind glasses of Bourbon, there’s a chance drinking could occupy the space reserved for conversation. Drugs are used for coping with the stress of family, work, identity, and everyday life. Addictions are a physical manifestation of an inner mewing. For many addicts, the use of drugs was a form of self-medication, but mutated into self-mutilation.

Some addictions aren’t even drug based. There can be addictions to sex, love, compulsions, and gossip. Imagine the inability to keep a secret. Addictions are more psychologically than neurologically rooted. Meaning they’re more mind than brain based. Compulsions are usually neurological. I have had tremendous success integrating Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy through neuroplasticity, but it’s important to identify the underlining irritations. So many problems can be solved and resolved with hypnosis.

Can Hypnosis Cure Impotence?

Unhappy couple in bedroomYes. In the relaxed self-consciousness that hypnotherapy provides, you and I will sort out the mental blocks that prevent you from getting and keeping erections.

These hindrances are usually based on deep-seated emotional memories or anxieties which will always be there, regardless of how regularly you take prescription drugs.

In several sessions, I can equip you with the mental control you need to clear your head during sex. Clinical Hypnosis is the securest natural method for learning how to perform better sexually every single time. Whenever, wherever, with whomever.

If healing means changing or breaking certain relationships first, a complete treatment should leave you with the emotional strength to deal with separation issues properly.

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Let’s Talk About Sex…and How Hypnosis Can Improve It

When most people talk about “sex” they do so in order to discuss issues like sexual dysfunction and sexual addiction. However, what I’d like to discuss is how hypnosis can transform ordinary sexual acts into extraordinary experiences.

Hypnosis can improve your sexual experiences because it lessens the consciousness of a person concerning self rejection and self image. What it allows is what sex should always be – playful, uninhibited, nonjudgmental interaction between two consenting adults and exploration that goes on and on for as long as each person can hold out.

Hypnosis does and can change your sex life!

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Hypnosis for Sex Addiction

Addicted to porn online?Do you spend a lot of time by yourself, viewing pornography, masturbating, arranging sexual encounters, fantasizing about , engaging in “cyber-sex,” fantasizing about relationships in which you have total control and acting on these fantasies aggressively?

Are you incapable of feeling remorse or guilt when you lose control of your sex drive, when you can no longer view your partners as human beings but things? And your actions as devoid of consequences?

Some addicts are capable of going steady while entertaining their addictions. It doesn’t help that they’re allowed to do as they please, to keep them happy, because the habits can hurt everybody around — not only loved ones, but professional relationships.

No one can stay with a sex addict, blissfully ignorant of the addiction in between. What happens when the compulsion leads to sex with others who don’t value the sex casually? Wear and tear show. Doubts surface, especially if your partner isn’t present or near. Stalking and obsession take hold, leaving you with the inability to meet your immediate needs sensibly.

These situations may sound melodramatic, awkward, and sappy at their worst, But don’t let those qualities deter you from taking serious action. Just because life doesn’t happen flawlessly, like a movie or a book, doesn’t mean it’s not worth dealing with. They happen.

I have been a successful counselor for both couples and individuals. Listen to your head, particularly in matters of the heart and body. And if your mind isn’t in shape, then I have a strong feeling my methods could improve you and be the perfect match.

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Hypnosis for Frigidity: Overcome Your Loss of Sexual Desire

lack of sexual desireIt seems that we see advertisements claiming a quick fix or cure for erectile dysfunction. From late night television to e-mail spam we’re a accosted with ways that men can enlarge and sustain an erection. But what about women? It seems that frigidity is an untouched subject, a private taboo topic that leaves women who suffer from this disorder wondering “is it me?”.

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